South Goa experience for beach lovers.


Here is a list of the famous places that you people can visit in South Goa.

  1. Colva Beach

Located six kilometres west of Margao, this beach is one of the oldest and most famous in South Goan. The coast stretches for about 25 kilometres and consists of fine white sand. Coconut groves line one side of the landscape.

The landscape is dominated by expanses of coconut palms that cover the region from Bogmalo to Cabo de Lama. Decades ago, settlers came here for its sacred, lush ecosystem. Today, the rich and famous build homes and mansions on the beach.

A trip to this beach is never complete without a visit to this statue among others. Sandpat Beach Shack, Colva Beach Resort, Leda Lounge and restaurants are famous here. Water lovers can enjoy paragliding, water skiing and swimming in parts of the area. Inexperienced swimmers are advised not to venture too far. You can enjoy the best sandy beaches from October to March.

2-Palolem Beach

Located in Canacona, about a 40-minute drive from Margao, this beach is one of his pristine sands. It envelops you in its natural beauty and rock-like outfit, with trees on one end – the part colloquially known as the Emerald Isle. 

Residents here are local fishermen and tourists who stay in huts. This beach is one of the best for couples in Goa due to its uncrowded shore.

The crescent-shaped beach is shallow at the northern end and gradually deepens. In the movie Bourne in His Supremacy, this was the home of the main character Matt and Damon. This makes it one of the most popular beaches not only in South Goa but also in India. 

The Titanic Beach Shack is a popular shack on Palolem Beach. Specifically, you can enjoy fishing and dolphin watching at Cocktails & Dreams and Art Resort Bar. 

If you do jump into the water, always stay on the north or shallow part of the beach. From October to February you can enjoy the coast.

3-Agonda Beach

The pristine sands of Agonda Beach are just a 90-minute drive from Dabolim Airport. A secluded coast, this place is a boon for those seeking secluded bliss. The highlight here is its simplicity and natural beauty. This beach is also a nesting site for endangered turtles. Rama Resort and Madu Beach Hut are ideal places to stay on this coast. 

There are plenty of bars here that serve spirits at any time of the day. It is one of the best Goa beaches for honeymoon.

 There are enough beach huts to choose from. Paragliding, swimming and windsurfing are water sports you can enjoy. Ideal to be here any time of the year except monsoon.

4-Benaulim Beach

Benaulim is one of the most attractive beaches in Goa. An ideal place for sun lovers. This place, 41 kilometres from Panaji, is as green as the Arabian Sea. According to Hindu mythology, an arrow shot by Lord Vishnu fell here. Hence, the original name of this beach was Banavri (Arrow). However, the Portuguese who settled here changed it to its present name.

Apart from the beach itself, there are attractions nearby. On a nearby hill is the Church of St. John the Baptist. The fishermen here are also known as skilled craftsmen. Artisans on this beach have carved some masterpieces that adorn the church and surrounding houses.

Rafael’s Beach Shack, Johnsy Bar & Restaurant, Royal Goan Beach Club and Lotus Resort Benaulim are some of the best places to eat, drink and hang out in this tranquil setting. Those looking for adventure activities in Goa can choose from parasailing, jet skiing, windsurfing and boat tours. Come here from November to April to see the magic of this place unfold.

5-Mober Beach

Mobor Beach is a 30 km beach at the mouth of the Sal River on the south coast of Goa. Mobor is a picturesque and vibrant beach full of tourists and adventurers and visiting this place is one of the best things to do in South Goa. , feels like the Sal River envelops the beach and flows into the Arabian Sea. The area is also a national park that protects its charismatic natural beauty.

A walk on the soft, light sand will lead you to lily-filled ponds, sand dunes, and palm trees growing on the beach. Sample the food served at beachside cafes and immerse yourself in the mesmerising scenery. For the more adventurous, you can take a cruise to spot dolphins or enjoy water activities such as underwater fishing and oyster fishing in Goa.

6-Barca Beach

Another beach that is very famous among Goan people is Barca Beach. Known for its beauty as the sun sets, this beach is on top of travellers’ lists around the world. This beach stands out among Goa’s most beautiful and unusual coasts, about 2 km from Benaulim. The coastline is punctuated by various wooden boats of local fishermen.

 Goa’s Barca Beach is known for its fine white sand and cleanliness. It is one of the cleanest coastlines in Goa where people can relax and spend their leisure time. Effortlessly enjoy a moment of great tranquillity while witnessing the pristine nature of Barca Beach. This coastline is adorned with greenery and surrounded by palm trees and other vegetation. 

Tourists can enjoy a wide range of cuisine, including seafood. In addition, there are many tourist attractions around the beach. Tourists can also see dolphins and enjoy boat trips on the Sal River. Get ready for the perfect adventure you’ve been looking for. After all it is Goa and the time spent in this place can never be ignored.