Water Sports


Candolim beach, considered one of the longest beaches in north Goa, 15 km from Panjim, is famous for its water sports activities. The serene beauty of the Arabian ocean and the wide open atmosphere attracts tourists. Candolim beach watersports are full of adventure.

It is an absolute lottery for adventure seekers as they can perform jet skis, banana rides, bumper rides, speed boat rides, parasailing, and many others. It is a stunning place to visit and enjoy joyful moments with your friends and family. Experience the panoramic 360° view of a bird’s eye. Along with parasailing and cherishing the majestic Candolim beach. 

Book your package with banbanjara and make your holiday memorable. If you are in Goa try all the water sports and get yourself to indulge in the soothing beach life with enthralling and exciting activities as it is the preferable place when it comes to water sports activities. 



all the watersports activities are worthy to perform but parasailing also known as sky gliding is exceptional. it attracts the adventure seeker, which gives you ultimate joy and entertainment. in this activity, you will be flying high in the sky with a rope attached to the boat and have all the control. 

The majestic view of the sea, beach, and palms is splendorous. You don’t need any special ability or fitness to perform this activity, you just need to stand and relax. 

When the boat moves further in the sea you automatically start elevating without any push or run. It will cost you around ₹900 for paragliding. feel the cool air in this electrifying session which will make you charge instantly. 


The speed boat ride is irresistible with a group of friends and family. If you are a group of 5-6 people, it is an ideal activity. sea water splashing on your face and the fast wind is no less than a roller coaster ride. The boat running at an unexpected speed while cut-crossing the water is thrilling. The adrenaline surge when the boat jumps on the waves is like being in a James bond movie. 

Amidst the water being fast and furious is an exhilarating experience. This tingling session should be definitely on your list. 


It is like a doughnut-shaped large tube, which is a full adventure. This enriching watersport activity is fascinating and makes you thrill and chill. 

you are going to be laying in these large tubes which are attached to the speed boat with a rope. 

Then they will drag you in the middle of the sea and try to flip you to the ocean to get a good hold. you will feel the air passing through every single short wave. It is quite intimidating and safe as you will be wearing life jackets. but an outstanding opportunity for adventure lovers. 


The banana ride is the easiest of all the adventurous activities. It is a rubber boat shaped like a banana. you have to sit on it just like the way you sit on a bike. It is similarly attached to a speed boat and takes you amidst the sea. It also offers sea dip and it is a fascinating experience. watersports on goa beaches are placid and can be performed by anyone except children below 10.


There are plenty of water sports activities, but a jet ski is something which attracts us from our childhood. seeing it in every movie and desiring to have a hold on the handle of this super custom-made water car with a super engine and moving as far as you can from the shore. It is a releasing energetic thrilling boat ride that fulfills your soul. 

You are attached with a rubber wire just like you have seen in Dot phones, which will help to get the engine off if you drop in water. so that the boat can move any further from you. It will take around 1500₹ for a 15 min ride. 

There are numerous sports to choose from according to your preference and mood. 


  • the duration of the activity is not more than 5 mins
  • watersports activities are performed after 10 am till 5 pm 
  • The beach is located at a suitable place which is easily accessible through private or public transport. 
  • There will be a briefing session before starting the activity, listen to the instructors carefully for your safety.
  • Children, old age people, and pregnant women are not an activity