North Goa sightseeing


The famous areas of Goa are North Goa & South Goa. This modern name is enough to tell that they are different. ruled by portuguese for 450 years, created an impact of portuguese culture in their lifestyle whether it is religion, customs, attire, festivals, education, literature. 

Their way of entertainment or their beliefs, their behaviour. It all makes them unique from all indians. Goans  absorbed their tradition. You will find western culture in goa. Goans are classy and live their life at its best. They work on dressing, food, entertainment rather than being a fortune. 

About the People

They are free like elfs without having any tensions or anxiety. They are religious and follow every festival with full sentiment. They don’t have any problem with other religions and create a perfect example of  secularism. 

The cuisine of Goa

Goa serves the best cuisine influenced by portugese. the goan food is one of their best specialties, they are mainly dependent on seafood. Pao bread can be seen on every goans plate. fish curry, chicken cafreal, gaon pork vindaloo, chicken xacuti, sorpotel, fish recheado

and in dessert bebinca is the most preferable. 

Goans are influenced and dominant towards these foods brought by portuguese. Rice and fish curry is the staple food goa. ‘kokum’ is their dominant spice. 

Goans are most dependent on fishing for their living, most of them are fishermen, and the ones who are owners of well located land promote the tourism industry. providing deluxe hotels, restaurants, bar and cafe. 

Why the people visit Goa

People love to visit Goa as there is no prohibition on drinks. Fenny made from cashew apple is their local drink which is prepared in villages in goa. It is an example of Portuguese culture. Drinks are not expensive in Goa compared to other parts of the country. goan love to dance and vibing every night, they are partyholics.

Goans love clean surroundings and specially spacious surroundings full of nature. they have made their homes spacious, you can find a backyard and garden in every home. Their style of loving and hospitality is generous. Goans believe that all humankind is family.


Goa is the most popular, desirable tourist attraction in India and also attracts foreigner tourists. with over 40 beaches on its enchantment coastline. the pollution free beaches covered with greenery and the soulitude, walking on the shore and witnessing  the serene beauty of nature. 

Goa  offers the best sunset to see as it is on the western coast. Calangute, Baga and Anjuna Beach in North Goa are the most popular beaches and well developed. you will find numerous resorts and restaurants. Most of the fascinating visitors come to these beaches. Goa is famous for Portuguese architecture like famous churches, forts and villas. 

Beaches of golden sand, palm trees standing tall and a pleasant atmosphere. There are many wildlife sanctuaries and waterfalls to visit and enjoy amidst nature. 


The beaches in Goa are unique, some with white sand and some with gold. Palolem beach in south Goa is a crescent shaped beach. famous for its hut stays on the beach. Yoga classes, kayaking, dolphin sightseeing are some activities that take place here. Colva beach water activities like jet skiing can be performed here. 

You can witness a herd of cows in Colva beach with palm trees standing tall. If you are not a fan of crowds and looking for offbeat spots and beaches then you must go to this spectacular undiscovered destination like butterfly beach which requires a boat ride to reach there. you will find millions of butterflies on this small beach. 

Utorda beach is another offbeat beach with full privacy. The blue water and soft sand make this place immensely beautiful. A boat ride from Palolem Beach and Agonda beach will take you to these offbeat destinations. 


is a world heritage site declared by UNESCO. a 16th century church. The beauty of this church even without plaster is amazing. one of the most famous churches in Goa containing the remains of  st. Francis xavier. 


The four tiered waterfall beyond the beach, falling from 310 m is a spectacular attraction for a day trip. 60 km from panaji, you need to hire a taxi to reach colem village then sharing a jeep with co-passenger through the jungle and reaching the main point. You can take a dip in the breezing water in this magnificent waterfall, which should be on your bucket list if you are planning a vacation in goa.