Why is Burj Khalifa a tourist attraction

Burj Khalifa


The Burj Khalifa, a noted building in Dubai, United Arab Emirates is the tallest construction and building in the whole world. It was entirely developed for Dubai to gain identity on a global level.

It was originally given the name of Burj Dubai but was later renamed in the honor of Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, United Arab Emirates’ President and the king of Abu Dhabi.

The building is selected because it is the world’s tallest one and has intersection rectifiers to break different records of height. The Burj Khalifa could be a mixed-use development designed to be an oversized scale centrepiece. 

It boasts a complete nine hotels together with the noted The Address Downtown Dubai, 30,000 homes, 7.4 acres of forest, 12 hectares of artificial Burj Khalifa Lake, and also the Dubai Mall.

Reasons of popularity of Burj Khalifa 

Burj Khalifa Fireworks

Celebrate yr Eve stylishly by looking at the wonderful show of the fireworks from Burj Khalifa. This painting building lights up to its full glory during the yr and becomes the middle of attraction for everyone. The period of the Burj Khalifa show is around 20 minutes creating it one of the most important and the longest pyrotechnic displays.

Burj Khalifa is beautifully lit in different shades through the fireworks display, and you’ll be able to capture this wonderful development on your camera. The fireworks are lit during midnight. You need to arrive as soon as possible to get the best spot to look at this fantastic spectacle.

Fancy live fountain show from high

Groove to the exciting music and watch the superbly choreographed dance of the water fountains from the highest of Burj Khalifa. you’ll be able to opt to either sit and relax or can just visit the observation to be an area of this once in a life experience.


Get a chance to eat at the very best eating place in the world with grandeur and luxury. The place will serve you a variety of multi-cooking delicacies and you may even get to relish upon the bird’s-eye views spanning all around you.

Exploring the Observation Deck

Being the very best largest man made building in the world, the wonder that Burj Khalifa is next full-fledged from its top. The observation deck of the Burj Khalifa is found on the 148th level (floor) and overlooks different, pretty reads of Dubai’ skyline. you’ll be able to also get to use binoculars and telescopes here to catch an improved view of the wonder close to you.

Dubai Fountain Lake Ride

Get encircled by an impressive bubbler which is able to shoot the water up to a height of 45 levels. Traverse across the gorgeous lake, catching a glimpse of the world’s 1st dancing water fountains. The activity must be on your priority list when exploring Burj Khalifa because it helps you to witness a number of the foremost beautiful color combos of around 6600 lights.

Visit Burj Khalifa Park

Also called as the Burj Khalifa Island Park, this place is one of the most effective locations from where one is able to catch a glimpse of the marvellous fountain show. that includes six water fountains, flowering trees, palm-lined walkways, the Burj Khalifa Park is a one stop destination for fun.

The way to Reach Burj Khalifa

The gap between Dubai Field and Burj Khalifa is around 17.7 kilometres. you’ll be able to reach Burj Khalifa from Dubai field (DXB) by six alternative ways together with bus, automobile, train, taxi or city car. A taxi or Uber, or car is the fastest way to reach the building in around thirteen minutes.

The railway system takes around 29 minutes and you’d even have to steer a touch from the station to the building. Line 27 bus takes around 58 minutes which is cheap thanks to travel from the field to Burj Khalifa.

Best Time to go to Burj Khalifa

Though you’ll be able to visit Burj Khalifa according to your convenience. however the perfect time to visit such you get to relish the most effective sight is at the sunset hours. Therefore, the timings from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm are taken as best time. However, these hours are also the prime visiting hours and therefore, the value of the tickets are high.

Entry type: Paid

Entry Detail:

Free entry for anyone below the age of four Entry time for every floor varies:

125th and 148th floor – Prime hours – 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM Non Prime hours – 7:00 PM, 8:00 PM and 9:00 Pm