Rapper King Von


King Von was unique among rappers in that he didn’t craft his lyrics with any specific beat in mind. Instead, he wrote them from scratch as an exercise to hone his storytelling abilities.

His music was often inspired by Chicago’s post-drill tradition, yet with an individual aesthetic. His songs featured narratives with a grim nihilism softened with humor and empathy.

1. Crazy Story

King Von, also known as Dayvon Bennett, grew up on the gritty streets of Chicago’s O Block neighborhood. Before he started rapping, he’d spent years in and out of jail. However, King Von quickly earned himself a following for crafting captivating narratives that captured the reality of life on the street.

His breakthrough single, “Crazy Story,” became a YouTube hit and eventually earned gold certification. It perfectly captured the exciting suspense and vivid storytelling that makes rap such an engaging genre.

By the time he released Welcome to O’Block, one of Chicago’s most thrilling albums in years, he was on the cusp of becoming an instant legend. Unfortunately, King von autopsy tragically his untimely death cut short one of rap’s most promising careers just one week after its release.

2. Took Her To The O

King Von’s name may have been made with hits like “Crazy Story” and “Took Her To The O,” but his true talent lay in being an excellent rapper. His delivery is unapologetic and timeless, while his storytelling is no less captivating.

His last album Welcome to O’Block is a more subtle statement than his debut tape Levon James, which focused on hardened gangsterisms. However, it still draws from drill pioneers while maintaining many of rap’s timeless foundations.

The title track of the LP is one of its greatest highlights, showcasing Von’s conviction in an exquisite melody that feels like heaven on earth. Other highlights include “The Code”‘s powerful soundscape and “Ride,” which changes up Von’s flow with energy and intensity.

3. The Code

The Code is an inspiring book that offers much to explore. It tells a captivating tale about how cryptography has altered history for the better.

It also examines how information technology has made cryptography more intricate and effective. This engaging read will alter your perspective on email and secret messages forever.

In the video for “The Code,” Von and Polo recite their lines as they walk down what appears to be an abandoned hallway. Eventually, a woman comes down the hallway and starts torturing them for going against the rappers.

4. Still Trappin’

Lil Durk’s The Voice album, released just before Christmas, has been a sensation. Comprising 15 tracks and featuring guest appearances from 6LACK, Booka 600 and Young Thug among others, the project serves as a memorial to OTF labelmate King Von who tragically passed away two months ago in Atlanta.

CROWNSOHEAVY produced the video for “Still Trappin'”, featuring a giant portrait of late rapper Airbrushed on the back of his custom jacket. The clip also includes plenty of dancers adorned with cash in unexpected places as well as Durk himself at the top of his golden dome filled with some of the most expensive champagne available. For foodies on a budget, this is definitely one to watch!

5. Don’t Play That

After the release of his debut LP Welcome To O’Block, Chicago rapper King Von previewed a song entitled “Don’t Play That” on social media. This track would eventually become a single and marked the first collaboration between Von and 21 Savage.

This trap cut features two MCs trading barbs directed at their peers. Produced by Kid Hazel, the visual depicts a cartoon version of Von cruising around town with his crew and lady friend.

This song is the lead single off Von’s upcoming posthumous album What It Means To Be King, set for release March 4 via Only the Family/EMPIRE. Within 24 hours after its release, it already boasted over 1.4 million Apple Music streams, 1.2 million Spotify plays and 1.1 million YouTube views.