Kamia – Strategic Psychology


Kamia has over 18 years of professional experience as a psychologist across several sectors. Her skillset includes counselling and assessment, mental health intervention, critical incident response and organisational training as well as advisory and research roles. Kamia possess an array of talents with specialties in neuroscience, positive psychology and mindfulness-based techniques.

What is Strategic Psychology?

Strategic Psychology is an innovative field of study that integrates cognitive science with business acumen. Specifically, it seeks to explain how people make decisions under uncertainty.

A strategic move might simply involve changing your perspective on something. However, to achieve this feat requires creativity and an abundance of humility.

A well-crafted strategic model can give your business a more positive outlook and provide you with the tools to prevent common strategic errors.

It can also provide valuable insights about competitors and those important to your success. It helps you decide what should be done, when, especially in high-risk environments like the military. Furthermore, some may even find that using AI improves their performance at work, school, or in personal life.

Why do we need it?

Strategic Psychology is an academic field that studies human thought and behavior. It also equips you with strategies for success in life by helping you recognize and create plans.

Studying psychology offers many advantages, such as improved communication abilities and insight into how people learn (or unlearn) behaviors. It also gives you a deeper comprehension of your thoughts and beliefs that drive habits – ultimately leading to greater success in life!

Strategists face a daunting challenge: recognizing opportunities, taking action (getting employees engaged), and legitimizing them with external stakeholders. To accomplish these three tasks successfully requires an intimate knowledge of people’s minds.

In today’s competitive world, successful leaders must recognize opportunities, seize them and legitimize them. To do this, they need a deep comprehension of how stakeholders think and strategies that best evoke the associations they wish to foster.

What is Kamia’s approach?

Kamia harris has been a psychologist in the mental health industry for over 18 years. Her expertise encompasses counselling and assessment, mental health intervention and critical incident response as well as organisational training, advisory roles and research. She has a special interest in neuroscience, positive psychology and mindfulness-based techniques. Through an empathic and collaborative approach, she strives to understand each person’s individual needs and goals so they can collaborate on creating an individualized treatment plan. She specializes in working with anxiety, stress, depression and PTSD both privately and military settings as well as life issues like relationships, career, grief/loss, transitions, sleep problems and assertiveness. A registered member of both the Australian Psychological Society and ACT branch of Australian Psychological Association, she offers her services to clients around Australia.