Rapid Flu Test by Wondfo


Wondfo responded quickly to COVID-19 and has successfully created three different COVID-19 test kits, including RT-PCR, antigen, and antibody tests, that aid in the global fight against the virus.

What is a rapid flu test?

A rapid flu test (RIDT) can determine whether a person is currently infected by detecting the influenza virus nucleoprotein antigen. Results from commercially accessible RIDTs can be obtained in 30 minutes. However, Wondfo’s quick flu test can provide an answer in just 15 minutes. A shift in color or other visual indicators can be used to detect these outcomes. For doctors, RIDTs act as a first-line test that can be verified by conventional diagnostic procedures (particularly if the results are negative). Additionally, RIDTs enable clinicians to plan successful infection control strategies, initiate antiviral treatment quickly in high-risk patients, and confidently decide on diagnostic tests. In ambulatory care settings, RIDTs have been proven to decrease blood testing and chest radiography, but not the need for antibiotic prescriptions or time spent in the emergency room.

Benefits of RIDTs

Although RIDTs are less sensitive than other influenza detection techniques, they nonetheless have three key advantages: quick results; low cost; and simplicity, which makes them useful in settings with basic QMS. For example, most RIDTs have quick turnaround times (TATs) of 10 to 15 minutes, which is far quicker than most NAAT techniques, which often have run periods of 1 hour or longer. Many RIDTs are “CLAI waived,” which refers to them as being extremely easy to carry out and without requiring employees who are qualified in science. POC testing can help doctors make diagnoses during outpatient visits in an office or clinic instead of sending samples to a distant lab. The quick delivery of anti-influenza therapy to laboratory-confirmed-positive patients while they are still in the building to collect a prescription is made possible by performing RIDTs at the point of care. RIDTs are no longer the only method available for POC influenza testing, as certain fast NAATs now have CLIA-waived status, and some have TATs of less than 20 min.