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    Angelina jolie net worth

    Hollywood has set the records for making the most innovative movies in the world. Hollywood actors and actresses step out of their comfort zone to give their audience the best. Angelina Jolie has her name included in the list of most amazing actresses around the globe. She is the epitome of beauty and generosity. Today, our topic of discussion is Angelina Jolie’s net worth. Before getting there, let’s discuss some important facts about our “Malaficient” star.

    Angelina Jolie: Carrer and History

    This Cancerian star’s life journey is incredible. Coming from a family of actors, her only dream was to become an established actor. Today, people know her as an actress, filmmaker, and humanitarian. Angelina was born to Jon Voight, a Hollywood sensation in the late 60s. According to Angelina, his father inspired her to become an actor. Angelina likes to take out-of-league projects. She likes to amaze their audience with every role she does. Recently, she worked in the Marvel fantasy film Eternals. She played the role of a greek mythological goddess, which she rocked.

    Angelina did appear in Hollywood in 1982 when she did a movie alongside her father. Like any other newcomer, Angelia struggled as her first film did not reach the audience’s hearts. However, Angelina was determined to give something special to the audience. She wanted to connect with them. Her career got a kick start when Angelia did Gia in 1998. Angelina played the role of a supermodel who eventually fell into drug addiction and died. The audience loved the movie and praised Angelina’s performance as Gia. 

    Angelina got included in the list of academy award winners at a very young age of 24. She got the Academy Award for supporting actress in 1999 for her unbelievable performance in “Girl, interrupted.”

    Furthermore, Angelina got a thing for action movies. Her successful action movies include Tomb Raider, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Salt, Wanted, The Tourist, etc. Angelina got her second academy award for best actress in the 2008 crime drama Changeling. 

    Angelina loves experimenting with something unique as an actress. After action movies, she tried fantasy films like Maleficent, Angelina’s biggest commercial success. Angelina is nothing lesser when it comes to filmmaking. She has given the industry some amazing war dramas like Unbroken, First They Killed My father, etc.

    Angelina Jolie Net worth:

    Angelina Jolie is known for her generosity and kindness. She has given away lots of money to feed the poor children. Angelina has even adopted three children from all over the world despite having three biological children.

    Angelina is included in the list of the world’s highest-paid actresses. Her salary for the Lara croft series alone was $19 million. Angelina Jolie net worth is $120 million. All her net worth comes from the salary she gets from her wonderful movies. 

    Some noted salaries of Angelina Jolie are $20 million(Salt),$10 million(Mr. and Mrs. Smith), and $20 million(The Tourist), etc. Recently, Angelina earned around $35 million as Thena in Eternals.

    Watch these movies; you would love them. Thank you and take care!