Junko Furuta – The Concrete-Encased High School Girl Murder Case


    Junko Furuta was a high school student who was brutally killed by four teenage boys who abducted, raped, and murdered her – in what has come to be known as “concrete-encased high school girl murder case.”

    Hiroshi Miyano and three of his associates locked Junko inside a basement apartment for 44 days, forcing her to endure sexual assaults and tortuous abuse by the group.

    What Happened?

    Junko Furuta was an outgoing and well-liked girl known for both her good looks and academic achievements. A popular student at Saitama Yashio-Minami High School in Japan, Junko always managed to stay out of trouble without ever entering into any disputes or trouble herself.

    One night while playing mahjong with her classmates, she became too angry and started fighting with them, which infuriated them so much that they brutally beat her to death on January 4, 1989.

    In her 44-day ordeal, she was subjected to multiple acts of rape from multiple persons, forced to urinate on herself while hanging from the ceiling, used as a punching bag, crushed her stomach with dumbells, had her face hit against a cement floor repeatedly, had one of her nipples cut off with pliers, forced to drink her own urine, as well as sleeping outside on the balcony in winter causing severe leg burns.


    Junko Furuta was an attractive, intelligent girl with good grades who worked part-time at an electronics store. She did not drink, smoke or use drugs.

    But she did not care for school bully Hiroshi Miyano who developed an attraction to her, though he wanted it badly enough that she politely rejected his advances.

    He tried several times to win her back, but she didn’t appreciate his arrogance or connection to gangs. Finally he took her back to a hotel room where he again raped her.

    After that, he and a group of his friends decided to abduct and rape her, telling her she would be killed otherwise.

    Not only did her attackers rape, beat, sodomize and insert foreign objects into her vagina and anus which caused severe burns. Furthermore, they burned her eyes, poured lighter fuel over her legs and feet and burned her fingers with hot wax.

    Even though their crimes were violent, the criminals received relatively light sentences. This is typical in Japan where rehabilitation takes precedence over punishment.


    Junko furuta was held captive for 44 days by four teenage boys who sexually abused and tortured her numerous times, performing over 500 rudimentary rapes during this time period alone and subjecting her to various other forms of discomfort and abuse.

    So that they could keep her under control and prevent her from informing on them, Nobuharu Minato kept her locked up in his basement house as part of his plan to keep his crimes undetected. They forced her into becoming one of Nobuharu Minato’s girlfriends so as not to expose the truth of his crimes.

    At the end of their ordeal, they raped her so intensively that her body had been irreparably broken by sexual assault; skin was torn and face unrecognizable.

    She was so badly beaten and dehydrated that she was unable to walk at all, instead slowly crawling from her bed into the bathroom at snail’s pace. Blood and pus came pouring out, filling her nasal cavity so much so that it was impossible for her to breathe properly.

    On January 4, 1989, three teenage boys carried out the final act of cruelty by dousing her in lighter fluid and setting her on fire before tossing her into a 55-gallon drum and throwing it onto a cement truck – marking Japan’s first teenage death ever recorded in history.


    Junko Furuta was an intelligent young lady with an exciting future ahead. She excelled academically and was popular with her friends – all without engaging in harmful habits like drinking or smoking.

    On November 25th 1988, however, her life changed forever when she was taken hostage by four yakuza boys – all since 17 years old – in Adachi Ward of Japan and tortured and eventually murdered by them.

    Golf clubs, bamboo sticks, iron rods and fireworks were used against Furuta as she was forced to consume live cockroaches as punishment. She was burned on both eyelids and genitalia.

    Rape, humiliation and other forms of violence continued until she died; after which, her remains were placed into an oil drum that was later dumped at Wakase Park.

    She endured being stripped naked and raped 500 times before being beaten, starved, set ablaze, and eventually dying after one month of pain.