CNN Fires Don Lemon After 17 Years


CNN announced Monday morning that they have fired Lemon in response to his recent on-air remarks, allegations about mistreatment of female coworkers and reports about sexual harassment claims against him. This move came unexpectedly and stunned media industry.

Employees of Lemon recall his longstanding history of questionable on-air and personal behavior toward women, such as making derogatory comments about female colleagues. That culminated with him making disparaging remarks about 51-year-old Nikki Haley as Republican presidential candidate candidate in February – leading many critics to criticize him heavily for making these statements about Nikki Haley, his comment about whom was widely condemned by colleagues and viewers alike.

He has anchored CNN’s breaking news coverage

Don Lemon Net Worth, a longtime CNN anchor who had served for 17 years, was fired this Monday following reports of inappropriate comments made on-air and mistreatment of female coworkers. Lemon announced via social media his agent informed him of this decision to terminate.

Longtime anchor Dan Abrams has held positions at both NBC and MSNBC, beginning his career as a reporter with Channel 5 New York City’s Channel 5. Since then he has led breaking news coverage such as Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Connecticut in 2012 as well as Osama bin Laden’s death on both networks.

Sources close to Lemon have indicated their dissatisfaction over sharing the spotlight with Harlow and Collins. Furthermore, one source indicated his relationship with Jay Sures has worsened significantly.

Lemon asked Collins and Harlow to explain their preference for US men’s soccer team over women’s, leading to an argument. Lemon then allegedly shouted at Collins before she ran from the studio.

He has anchored the network’s documentary Race and Rage: The Beating of Rodney King

Don Lemon has long been one of the network’s go-to anchors, both during breaking news coverage and its documentary Race and Rage: The Beating of Rodney King. Additionally, Don has hosted its “No Talking Points” segment and been known for holding politicians and public officials accountable.

Lemon has been covering news since joining CNN in 2006, including coverage of events such as the Arab Spring, Orlando shooting and Osama Bin Laden’s death. His work has earned multiple Emmy awards as well as being honored with an Edward R. Murrow Award.

He was honored as one of Ebony Magazine’s Power 150 in 2009. Additionally, he is an award-winning author who came out publicly about being gay through his memoir Transparent.

Lemon rose to prominence as an outspoken political provocateur during 2014. He began encouraging Black youth to pull up their pants, drawing criticism for his stance against stop-and-frisk policing practices, as well as calling out Hollywood leaders for not joining protests against police brutality nationwide.

He has anchored the network’s “No Talking Points” segment

Lemon has been an anchor with CNN since 2006 and serves both as weekend primetime host and an on-scene reporter during the week.

Lemon has long been recognized for his outspoken criticism of President Trump and the Trump administration, which includes accusing him of racism and white supremacy as well as labeling homegrown white supremacists a greater threat than immigrants to America.

His “No Talking Points” segment holds politicians and public officials accountable for their actions, reporting on major news stories such as Boston marathon bombing and Hurricane Gustav in Louisiana.

Lemon has earned multiple Emmy awards throughout his career for his reporting. Additionally, he was recognized with an Edward R. Murrow award for covering the Washington, D.C. sniper incident. Furthermore, Ebony magazine listed him among their Ebony Power 150: The Most Influential Blacks in America in 2009.

He has anchored the network’s coverage of the Orlando shooting

Lemon has provided on-scene coverage of several breaking news events for CNN, such as Orlando Nightclub Shooting (2016), Charleston Church Shooting (2015), Death of Freddie Gray while in police custody and Shooting of Unarmed Teen Michael Brown in Ferguson Missouri (2014); George Zimmerman Trial (2013); Boston Marathon Bombing (2013), Philadelphia Building Collapse and Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting (2012) as well as Colorado Theater Shooting. Her coverage also encompassed Inauguration of 44th President in Washington D.C; death of Whitney Houston as well as Hurricane Gustav hitting Louisiana (2008) and Minneapolis Bridge Collapse 2007.

Lemon was recently terminated from his position at CBS, leaving him both shocked and surprised at the decision.

Lemon has been with CNN for 17 years and recently issued an apology to viewers regarding comments he made regarding Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley. Lemon stated in his apologies to viewers that the comment had been insensitive and inappropriate at this time.