Chapters of the Trenches Album Review


Tee Grizzley made headlines worldwide when his debut single First Day Out became viral in 2016, leading him to sign with 300 Entertainment. His unique blend of raw lyricism and emotive storytelling set him apart from his peers.

While in prison, Tee Grizzley Net worth studied law with hopes of shortening his 15-year sentence. When released he began rapping full time.

Born Terry Wallace

Terry Sanchez Wallace Jr was raised by his grandmother while both of his parents were often in and out of prison, leaving him poor. Beginning middle school, however, he developed an interest in rap music and formed a group with three other students under the name ASBH Tee to record and upload their songs online.

At 18, he attended Michigan State University; however, being poor and taking advantage of other dorm rooms by stealing was his downfall and led him to being caught and serving 18 months for that crime. Following release he began working with artists such as Band Gang and Lil Durk before signing record deals with 300 Entertainment/Atlantic Records with First Day Out amassing over two million views within days of its release on YouTube.

Dropped out of college

Tee Grizzley of Detroit stands out as one of the more business-savvy artists in hip hop. Recently, he made headlines when he made an astonishing claim: that he no longer needed club appearances as he made six figures each month through YouTube and Twitch video game streaming services.

He owns a Grand Theft Auto server where paid members can join and play for cash prizes, with plans to expand and broaden this platform in the future.

In 2016, he released his debut single “First Day Out,” which focused on his involvement in Michigan State University robberies and received critical acclaim, earning praise from Jay Z and LeBron James as well. This was an important moment for the artist who signed with 300 Entertainment shortly thereafter.

Signed with 300 Entertainment

Tee Grizzley of Detroit recently signed with 300 Entertainment after his YouTube hit single “First Day Out” became a success, becoming part of Pierre Thomas’ quality control team and adding greater exposure to Detroit’s music scene.

Theory Entertainment LLC, commonly referred to as 300 Entertainment, was founded by Lyor Cohen, Kevin Liles and Todd Moscowitz in 2012 as an American record label. Since its establishment, Theory Entertainment has nurtured, grown and supported an impressive lineup of superstar artists across hip hop, rock, pop and electronic genres.

Rayna Bass and Selim Bouab were promoted to co-presidents of 300 Entertainment Company in June 2022. Bass has spearheaded immersive marketing campaigns for artists including Megan Thee Stallion, Fetty Wap, YNW Melly and Hunxho; Bolo oversees radio campaigns featuring breakout acts like Gunna, Mary J Blige, Shy Glizzy.

Released his first single

The song quickly became a smash hit and helped put Grizzley on the map. Its raw lyrics and vivid storytelling resonated with millions of listeners; its success led to several mixtapes including 2017’s My Moment and 2021’s Built for Whatever.

Grizzley used his single’s success to gain confidence and funds to invest in his music career, purchasing a house in Detroit and multiple luxury cars; as well as making significant income via YouTube.

His videos have been seen by millions of viewers and he now boasts over one million subscribers. Additionally, he launched a clothing line which has proven profitable – becoming an extremely well-known rapper with an estimated net worth of $3 Million in the US alone.

Released his first album

Tee Grizzley has never shied away from sharing his stories about life on the streets, so it should come as no surprise that Chapters of the Trenches is an emotionally charged record. His rapping style is energetic and genuine yet tough and hard-hitting – his lyrics always ring true with emotion and power.

The album begins in style as Detroit rapper K-Rich proclaims in some animated bars, “I saw the money and got activated.” His tone suggests paranoia while also ready for battle in order to secure his goals. He suggests he may resort to any means necessary in order to attain them.

His fast flows appeal to mumble rap fans while his precise diction and vocal command make him a distinct artist; any attempt to change this sound would risk alienating his fans.