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If you are a parent usually, you’re not thinking about their future teeth. Did you know that to ensure that your child is able to maintain healthy oral hygiene later on the baby’s dental health begins with Pacific Smiles Dental before they reach their first white pearls? Maintaining a healthy mouth starts with your child’s gums when they are a newborn.

Making sure you take preventative care of your child’s oral health can aid in:

  • Make sure that the teeth are growing properly and align the teeth
  • Make sure you avoid any future problems related to speaking or chewing
  • Develop overall better dental hygiene throughout adolescence and adulthood

Before your child even begins to grow his or her first tooth, it’s essential to keep your mouth clean in order to stop the growth of bacteria from sticking onto the gums. This is why it’s recommended to clean your child’s mouth and gums with a clean washcloth at least twice every day, particularly after meals and prior to going to bed.

Cleaning your baby’s teeth

When your baby begins to gain teeth, you are able to trade your washcloth in exchange to get an actual toothbrush. The toothbrush of your baby should include the following features:

  • Soft brush
  • Small head
  • Large handle

At first, water is all that can be used to clean babies’ teeth. As they get larger in their teeth, they may apply a small quantity of toothpaste (about the equivalent of grains) as you gradually increase the amount until that of pea size as your child becomes an adult. Once your child has the ability to handle the toothbrush correctly and hold it in a safe manner, they can be allowed to use their toothbrush on their own, but they should be watched until they’re at a minimum of six years old and can brush effectively and safely.

Alongside giving your child the proper instruction in dental hygiene and treatment The following elements can influence the overall health and development of your child’s smile:

  • Thumbsucking
  • Pacifier use
  • Use of bottles

Though many children are prone to any or all these practices, it is essential to make sure they do not continue engaging in them to prevent further problems from happening. These behaviors can cause dental decay, changes to the structure of the mouth, and misalignment of teeth. Also, try not to give your child beverages that contain sugar like juices from fruit and sodas.

It is best to give your baby’s bottle:

  • Formula
  • Breast milk
  • Water

At the time of your baby’s initial dental check-up, recommended for babies at the age of one, you’ll be given more guidance on how to ensure your baby’s healthy dental treatment by Pacific Smiles Dental.