An Overview of Dubai for New Travellers


Dubai is an excellent place that fulfills all your tourism requirements. It offers substantial building skyscapes, ultra-modern life, and the most famous places. Moreover, Dubai is known for its unique spots like Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa, and Palm Jumeirah.

Furthermore, Dubai was once an unestablished fishing village founded in 1833. But now it’s a most glorious place across the globe. Besides, Dubai holds numerous nationalities, but the primary religion follows Islam, and it offers & guarantees freedom of worship until any conflict with people’s policy and morals. 

Visitors may witness marvelous and unique architecture that attracts them eagerly to revisit. The economy is vibrant, generates revenue, and is diverse in various ways. Moreover, it includes service proving, tourism, and manufacturing. 

Additionally, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) mainly revolves around the religion of Arab and Islamic culture. Dubai culture can be seen in places, including attire, cruise, architecture, lifestyle, and music. 

Visiting Dubai anytime, as it’s vibrant and mesmerizing throughout the year, but the best time to explore this glory, visit between September and April. Therefore, the climate and weather conditions are pleasant. In simple terms, nature is green, not too hot, and the northern hemisphere is covered with the winter season. The city offers balmy temperatures and bright skies. 

Plan an authentic trip, as Dubai tour packages provide excellent accommodation service, including three-time food. Besides, they come at affordable prices that cover a lot of expenses. So, you may visit more places and take more fun out of it.  

Dubai is famous for its contemporary attractions, including the world’s tallest building, a dream place for numerous people. Besides, if you are a shopaholic, visit the biggest Dubai mall, where you get maximum stores & pretty much every item you are looking for. Additionally, this mall holds a beautiful underwater aquarium, reflecting marine life with stunning fish species. 

Prominent Places to Visit in Dubai

Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR)

Jumeirah beach residents long stripy sandy beach, one of the most famous places in Dubai. Moreover, some famous beach resorts strung slings that luxurious stays with charming ocean views. It gives an unforgettable experience that makes your trip worthy. 

Furthermore, this beach is safe to visit with family and kids and offers tranquil water with shimmering sand. Superb activities like water volleyball, surfing, parasailing, and much more are available. Moreover, the side shakes offer you excellent fast food at affordable prices and include numerous international drinks, so note this place in the list. 

Underwater Aquarium 

The underwater aquarium is one of the most exotic places in Dubai that reflects marine culture. This place is home to more than 150 species of sea creatures living in huge tanks lying on the ground. 

Additionally, it’s free viewing from outside, which highlights this aquarium significantly. It holds three-story floors with massive glass panel tunnels. Besides, Dubai Aquarium offers numerous activities, including diving with tiger sharks, corals, and reefs with hand-feeding eagle rays. 

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is the gem of Dubai, which is famous worldwide. Everyone wants to visit this charming place, the tallest building in the world. Burj Khalifa is 830 meters high and consists of 163 floors that give marvelous views from the top. Besides, the view of the city from the bullying looks stunning and gives you a vast skyline view. 

Furthermore, the beauty of Burj Khalifa doesn’t stop here, and it reflects the celebration of numerous events on the building that look fabulous from the outside. Moreover, the lighting looks magnificent from another place due to its vast size, and it is a perfect signature of Dubai that reflects its lavish and vibrant nature. 

Near the Burj Khalifa, you witness the exquisite water fountain on Burj lake. It does resemble the Las Vegas fountains of Bellagio. Moreover, this water fountain reflects thousands of lights, shooting water around 150 meters high. Therefore, these lights give vivid colors to the water with soothing music that gives splendid vibes. 

Dubai Frame

The Dubai frame is an extraordinary piece of art that reflects both sides of the city. In simple terms, this frame is around 150 meters long, colored with a bright gold shade. It offers picturesque architecture, to click photos and videos. Moreover, this structure clustered Dubai Creek and the modern era sprawl.

Therefore, visit inside to explore the ambiance of the interior, which gives Dubai immense history and culture. Explore Emirati heritage before moving further to the sky deck. Moreover, check out futuristic information from Future Dubai gallery, which gives you prior knowledge about upcoming Dubai. 

Skydive in Dubai

To see a birds-eye-view, skydiving is the ideal choice. In simple terms, witness skyscrapers coastlines from this great activity, adrenaline rush to full sky tour of Dubai. Therefore, see Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina, and Burj Al Arab from the top. 

Furthermore, this entire activity takes a minimum of 90 minutes but gives lifelong exposure. The diving instructor is always available, with no chance of any problems. Besides, it does a breathtaking activity, especially for adventurous lovers. Although it is mostly complete, book as many tickets as possible and rejuvenate fully. 

Hence, all these places and activities have different aspects & uniqueness. It offers you memorable adventures and provides all the needed services. Besides, Dubai will never disappoint any visitor and gives a tremendous experience that makes your trip worthy. 

Wrapping Up

In addition, go through this complete overview of Dubai, which offers authentic worldwide famous places and special activities. Get a fantastic Dubai package from India that cover all your expenses. Cover all needs and other significant expenses. Besides, choosing Dubai as your destination is the ideal option.