A comprehensive guide to nightfall problems


    Let us tell you that a nightfall problem is not a sexual problem but more of a psychological problem. Whenever a man ejaculates before sleep or during sleep without being aware of it, then it is that he is suffering from the nightfall problem. The reason behind the nightfall problem is wet dreams, which will lead to nocturnal emissions. There is also a negative point that shows that the person has had exposure to sexual content but low sexual activity during that period. Both men and women are getting wet with problems. Nocturnal emission is very common among youngsters and it will automatically fade with age. Nightfall is not a good thing, so you should go for the Nightfall treatment in Delhi and the therapy. 

    What are the home remedies for nightfall problems?

    If you ejaculate during sleep while having a sexual dream, then there is nothing to worry about and you should not go for the quick fix. But if you are facing the problem over a regular period of time, then you should consult with a Ayurvedic Doctor in Delhi and start treatment. You can also go for home remedies as they do not have any kind of side effect on your health.

    • Dana Methi 
    • Honey 
    • Onion 
    • Bottle gourd 
    • Yogurt 

    What are the symptoms of the nightfall problem?

    • Dhat syndrome
    • Retrograde ejaculation
    • Porn addiction
    • Foul smell and irritation while urination
    • Continuous pain 
    • Inflammation in prostate glands

    What are the reasons for the nightfall problem?

    Wet dreams and nocturnal emissions are the main reasons behind sexual eroticism during sleep. It can happen to anyone on any given day. The reason behind the nightfall can be being sexually active for a long period of time. Mostly the teenagers who were not involved in the masturbation activities are the most one who suffers from nightfall problems because every male body naturally grows sperms. If the male is not ejaculated on time, then it can happen unintentionally. Many people also find out that overexposure to porn can also be a reason for wet dreams. People who read and watch this actual content for a longer period of time than this kind of stuff will store it in their subconscious minds. The person will start automatically having sexual dreams, which will lead to the nightfall problem. 

    Sometimes people find out that the pre-cum can be seen during the wetting of the bed. Let us tell you that pre come is not semen but it is a fluid that carries form and leads to pregnancy. The next reason for its nightfall is the high sex drive. The person who consumes a high dose of the testosterone-based drug will get more frequent calculations during this sleep. The next reason for nightfall can be nerve damage, which is an injury to the brain tumor, diabetes, spinal cord, or any other. In this kind of case, the person will ejaculate while sleeping and even urinate in bed, which is not a good sign. 


    Nightfall is a very common problem these days as access to the internet leads to the over watch of porn. Choosing the right Ayurvedic Doctor in Delhi for the treatment of nightfall is important as he will provide you with the natural ways to tackle it. We recommend you go with the Gautam Clinic as they are the leading one in Gurgaon.