Why does my computer fan keep running?

Why does my computer fan keep running?
Why does my computer fan keep running?

I am confused about the fan on my laptop. Some people claim it makes no sound and that there is nothing wrong. The question why does my computer fan keep running? is quite common. However, I do see the fan running at times. Is this normal? Is this a problem or is there another explanation? Thank you.

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It’s not normal.

There’s nothing wrong with the fan. You’re seeing it because your laptop’s fan is going. Do you know how your PC’s fan slowly turns on as you start the computer? It’s not doing that right now.

Your computer’s fan is just used to move the heat generated from the CPU out of your computer so it doesn’t get too hot.

It may or may not be audible. If you have a compatible CPU or AMD, it will spin loudly enough for you to hear.

Why does my computer fan keep running?

On a Samsung, HP, or Lenovo computer, the fan is much quieter. The fan is quiet because the fan is inside the case and connected to the CPU via a flexible hose (known as a heat pipe). As it spins, it sucks up heat from the CPU and dumps it outside the case through those flexible hoses.

This “moving the heat” thing only works if your hardware isn’t too hot (which your case and processor are designed to prevent).

If your CPU is too hot, the fan will spin but at a slower speed, in order to keep the heat under control. If your motherboard has sufficient headroom, the fan will spin at the maximum speed your computer can handle.

On a Macbook Pro, you can hear the fan because it spins constantly (it’s quieter than on my Windows machine). There are some real benefits to this (they’re quieter, quieter, quieter) so you should probably get used to it.

But you won’t be able to hear it if you’re using one of the same exact Macbook Pro model models I’m using, because there are no other Macbook Pro models.

I suppose this is somewhat common. My colleague, and former coworker, got an HP laptop, and there was one fan for the main processor, one fan for the GPU, and one for the RAM.

She didn’t notice the fan unless it was going faster than normal. But even when she did notice the fan, she didn’t believe that it made any noise at all. It sounded like a “bonk” that you hear in the room you’re in when a heavy object falls on the floor and bounces against the wall.

“Is that a thud?

No, that can’t be a thud. That’s definitely a fan thud.”

The answer to your question is that the fan in question is a Low Noise Digital Power Control fan. It doesn’t even have a fan-like shape. If you put a paperclip into your air conditioning vent, and a button into your desktop fan, they both blow air, but the desktop fan sounds much louder because the “air” is coming from inside a much smaller space.

The Low Noise Digital Power Control fan does the same thing, except it blows air in a larger area, much more like a small jet plane.

If you want to find the best fan to use with your machine, you should check out the fan reviews on Amazon. The Low Noise Digital Power Control fan has excellent ratings.

If you don’t have a compatible processor, your fan won’t make any noise. But if you’re close to your CPU (within a few degrees of coolness) you’ll hear the fan (you’re not so close if your fan makes no noise).

Some readers send this message to us.

Hi, We are really surprised you have not heard this noise – We have a Macbook Pro 2015 and the fan was extremely noisy (noise level > 120 dB) when the CPU was “hot” (something like 1°C).

Could you please explain this noise to us? It was worse in the absence of a lid on the laptop than with the lid on, and very much quieter with the lid on. We bought a cooler that does not screw in – but when the temperature of the CPU is cooler than 28 °C, the fan noise gets much quieter.

Are there any other cases of fan noise? Otherwise, do we have to leave the lid of the laptop open for the rest of the life of the CPU to solve the problem? Thank you very much! Philip

This is a real problem on Apple laptop models, and it’s usually mentioned as one of the things that you should look for if you’re considering the Macbook Pro. Your Macbook Pro model is probably not the best one to use with your machine.

On older Macbook Pro models (pre-2015), you might have some luck with cooling by using an Intel Thermal Solution. I try to explain to you Why does my computer fan keep running?

I received the following question from a reader.

Hello Dear, I’m interested in a Compaq notebook PC — let’s say one with a 16″ screen — and the question is: do you recommend using this notebook with a (16/25/32/40/48)GB or would you rather the machine have a larger amount of RAM? I’m currently using only 8GB of RAM, but I can’t find anything indicating a limitation for 16 GB.

Is there such a problem? The machine is a 2000 model and has been in service for a year and a half (and I’m only using 8GB of RAM). Thanks! — Anshoo

The answer to this question is: It depends.

I’m not sure why Anshoo didn’t use all of the RAM. Your system will be faster if you use all of the RAM. But you might run into a speed limit if your computer has only 4 GB of RAM. On my 2nd generation Macbook Pro, I only found two programs that could use over 4 GB of RAM.

But on the 2016 model of my 2nd generation Macbook Pro, I can use over 16 GB of RAM.

Your chances of running into a problem with your system limited to 4 GB of RAM are much lower. Now, Why does my computer fan keep running? is not difficult for you.

Hope You know the answer Now: Why does my computer fan keep running?