Why Choose T-Wall as Lu Interactive Playground Game


The T-wall is a versatile training tool used in various activities, including sports, fitness, and rehabilitation. It provides a fantastic cardio workout across a wide range of applications. Further in the article, we will discuss T-wall and why to choose this Lu interactive playground game.

What is its purpose?

T-wall interactive walls are designed for fitness facilities and events. With its intuitive interface and ease of use, the T-wall interactive wall has proven to be a practical and attractive training device for gyms and fitness studios. 

With the interactive touch wall, users can improve their coordination and reaction speed in competitive sports and other sports activities. Additionally, this device is helpful for rehabilitation, as it allows patients with limited mobility to help them train in several ways.

How does T-wall, a Lu interactive playground game work?

T-wall has large touchpads that light up in various patterns and deactivate when the user presses them. Touchpads are controlled by software that measures the user’s reaction time and saves the data for evaluation.

It also allows users to combine cognitive tasks with those intended to train motor skills, allowing them to choose from various challenges.

Different editions of interactive T-wall game? 

The interactive wall is available in several editions to accommodate different space requirements.

  • T-wall 64

This is the large version of T-wall 64, designed for professional use. It features 64 touch elements (8×8), each displaying up to seven different colors, and has a cruising radius of 180×180 cm. 

This edition is primarily intended for fitness centers and rehabilitation facilities, but you can also use it to promote events and train competitors for sports competitions. This can be purchased as a stationary or mobile unit.

  • T-wall 32

Twall32 is an intermediate interactive wall with 32 touchpads (8×4), perfect for recreation centers and schools. It is available in stationary or freestanding versions and has a cruising radius of 180×90 cm.

  • T- wall 16

This is the minor configuration and uses 16 touch surfaces (4×4). It is also available in stationary as well as mobile versions. This version is excellent for sports studios, fitness centers, and other events.

Why choose T-wall Interactive?

  • Gameplay

Playing this interactive game motivates users to react quickly when the board’s lights illuminate and turn off.

  • Performance

With the T-wall, you can train cardio, speed, agility, and reaction skills using different paces of light and sound.

  • Training

The interactive lights and sounds provide cues for players to perform loaded movement training for total body strength and cardio with props such as sand bells, med balls, and cords.

  • Memory

Aging members need to engage in cognitive activities. Therefore, T-Wall is a great way to create a Brain Fitness space in your facility for aging members.

  • Rehab

This helps stimulate and improve motor and sensorimotor skills, coordination, and gross and fine motor skills. 

  • Groups

Choosing this will help promote social fitness and create community among your members. If you want to maximize your workouts in your fitness area by using active wall games, then exergame is what you are looking for. We offer the highest quality fitness and games products to Health Clubs, YMCAs, Parks, and Schools and are backed by a lifetime warranty.