Who will win in an Adventure Time and Gumball crossover game?

Gumball crossover game

You may have noticed that Cartoon Network’s cartoons tend to fall into one of two categories: relatively family-friendly shows like The Powerpuff Girls and Teen Titans Go! or shows that appeal to older audiences with subversive, irreverent humor like Adventure Time and Regular Show. What do you think would happen if these two worlds collided? Would Finn end up dating Princess Bubblegum? Would Gumball meet BMO? These are questions that we’ll never get answers to because the official Adventure Time and Gumball Games are sadly a thing of the imagination. But what if we could make our own version of these games?

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What exactly are we comparing?

The Newest Show: Adventure Time With Finn and Jake has been recently added to Cartoon Network. This show is a highly interactive game that has made quite a splash in my circle of friend’s toduhs. It has great graphics, mind boggling plot twists, interesting characters, and more; that’s why it’s become my favorite show on TV. Now I want to find out who wins between two of these awesome shows; Adventure Time or The Amazing World of Gumball? So how exactly will we do all of this? By analyzing both shows based on 3 categories: Characters, Storyline (plot twists), and Graphics (animation). Let’s get started!

Differences Between Characters

While it may seem simple to design a unique character for each series, there are actually more differences than you might expect. The two main characters (Finn from AT and Gumball from GF) are both under 16 but Finn is younger than that by about 2 years. He is voiced by Jeremy Shada (who is 14), while Gumball Watterson, voiced by Jacob Hopkins, is 12. Both of their species are human; however, Finn’s magic powers make him much more powerful than most humans whereas Jake who has similar magical powers isn’t nearly as strong. That said they do have lots of similarities such as they are both black with brown hair. They also both wear green clothing: Finn wears a green shirt, pants and shoes with white laces on his shoes. He also wears an orange hat (which he sometimes uses as armor). His outfit is based off of traditional Irish clothing. Meanwhile Gumball wears a green shirt, pants and shoes with white laces on his shoes. His outfit is based off of traditional Egyptian clothing including his headdress which resembles those worn by pharaohs. They also wear glasses which makes them look smart like nerds or geeks.

Gameplay Breakdown

In adventure time you play as Finn,Jake,Bubblegum or Marceline to defeat enemies like Ice King. There is also a multiplayer mode with other characters like Toast Princess. Bubblegum has 2 hearts and Finn has 3 hearts but Marceline only has 1 heart since she is a vampire. This means Bubblegum is harder to beat than Finn but it also means that all her abilities are stronger. After collecting 10 pieces of candy you unlock or buy new abilities or weapons at Princess Bubblegum’s candy kingdom shop. Each character costs $10 dollars but gives you 100 dollars worth of new abilities when unlocked. Jake can use his stretchy powers to reach high places or attack enemies from afar. Bubblegum can throw bubbles that freeze enemies for a short period of time and Finn can use his sword to attack enemies up close. Marceline uses bats as weapons which have limited ammo but deal more damage per hit than Finn’s sword. You also have collectible cards which give you special abilities such as being able to summon rain clouds to put out fires, create tornadoes and even stop time! You start out with 5 cards which cost 1000 coins each but after beating each level there is a chance of getting more card packs which contain 4 random cards each costing 500 coins each. At first they seem useless until you get further into the game then they become very useful against tougher enemies!

An Opinionated Conclusion

I’m going to have to go with…Gumball. Just based on my experience, I’m guessing he’s pretty good at jumping around from platform to platform. You can actually see him do it in that one episode where Darwin is a magician. As for Finn, I think he’d be better off taking out his enemies with some magic spells instead of jumping and sword fighting; but since we’re going off of games like Super Mario Bros., then I guess he’d just be using Luigi as a stepping stone to get from place to place. In case you didn’t know, Jake is well known for having stretchy powers; so it seems obvious that he would be just as good at jumping across platforms as Gumball is–if not better! The problem is that even though Jake has amazing jumping abilities, I don’t think he has any combat skills whatsoever. This means if Finn and Gumball were forced to fight each other by Marceline or Ice King (who are both villains), they’d probably lose against someone like Steve who has plenty of combat skills. The only way they could beat Steve would be if they teamed up together; which wouldn’t really work because their personalities clash with each other too much. So yeah, if there was ever an Adventure Time vs. Gumball game then I’m betting on them winning over everyone else. What about you? Do you agree or disagree? Let me know in the comments below!