Which Coconut Oil is Best for Baby Skin?


There are two types of coconut oil – refined and unrefined coconut oil. Both oils are best in their ways. But for babies, we always prefer unrefined coconut oil because of its properties.

Baby skin is sensitive and dry, and babies need special care. Paediatricians(child specialists) recommend using only organic products for the baby’s skin. Similarly, organic coconut oil contains anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal properties, and it heals or protects your baby’s skin from infections.

Babies need to take care of their skin daily for better results. Compared to other oils, coconut is best for skin massage. In most countries, it is a tradition to give children a massage daily with coconut oil for their growth and development.

Let’s focus on some common questions about organic coconut oil and online products in parents’ minds.

Is it Safe to Use Coconut Oil for Baby Massage Online?

Many sites and brands are available on baby products, and it is safe to use online products for babies but on one condition. Did you know the key points you must remember when ordering baby massage oil? If not, here we mentioned things to keep in mind while buying baby care products.

  •  Look for a Natural Brand

The first step is always finding the right brand or site you can order from. Of course, choosing natural goods is a wise decision. Look for the brand to buy coconut oil for babies online that are free of preservative, petroleum, and any byproduct.

  •  Read Labelling Carefully 

It was the second important thing you should be careful about. Many online products claim to be the best for baby skin; most of the time, attractive packaging is practical.

 Read product labels carefully. Avoid buying chemicals such as sulfates, parabens, and phthalates since they damage your infant’s skin.

  •  Avoid Artificial Scents

You need to be aware of all the artificial scents for newborn care. Most parents are unaware that scents are relaxing but might irritate your baby’s skin.

 Artificial fragrances can cause; skin irritation, asthma, eczema, allergies, headaches, wheezing, hives, and many more.

  •  Examine the Effectiveness

Examining products before buying and ordering, especially baby massage oil, is essential. Any products that have been received from the doctor are safe to use. But if you are unsure about online products, read reviews. If the brand is trustworthy, parents leave a comment and advise other parents to try it.

  •  Avoid unknown brand

If it’s the first time you’re buying a product from an unknown brand, avoid them. On the other hand, if you are already ordered, put one drop on the baby’s thighs to check the reaction before applying it to the whole body for infant massage.


It is necessary for you to know all tips and care keys for newborn care. Mothers are possessive and responsible for their children compared to other family members. Massage is also a part of care. You must introduce your child to only organic products like coconut massage oil. Visit Little Rituals to buy the best coconut oil for baby massage in India, as they sell 100% cold-pressed oils, which are suitable for baby skin and don’t include any chemical formation in their oil-making ingredients.