What is the best time to drink a Protein shake: Before or After a Workout? 

Protein shake before or after workout

Protein shakes play an important role when it comes to muscle growth. For people who do weight training or athletes, it is necessary to consume protein shakes. This is because protein shakes help to compete for nutrition in the human body. Also, vegetarians have limited options to complete their protein intake in their diet. Therefore, a Protein shake is the best supplement for them.

However, there has been a debate going on for a long time about when is the ideal time to consume protein shakes before or after a workout. Let’s discuss the advantages of drinking Protein shake before or after workout to decide the best for yourself.

Advantages of drinking a protein shake before workout:

  1. If you are busy with your work a lot and do not have time to cook before hitting the gym, consuming a protein shake before workout is best for you. However, please make sure to drink the protein shake at least one to two hours before exercise. A protein shake before a workout will work as fuel for the body. By doing this, your body will remain active throughout the workout session. Also, protein shakes before a workout can help you keep up during long workouts if you are an athlete.
  2. Consuming protein shakes before the workout also help you curb your hunger so that you will not eat anything odd before your workout. Moreover, protein shakes are easy to digest and help keep your stomach full for a long time to perform better.
  3. Protein shakes before a workout keeps your muscle and core strength so that your muscles recover quickly after a long workout session. However, it is important to note that your stomach is not sensitive to protein shakes. Some people have a slow metabolism, which can feel bloated and acidic after drinking protein shakes. Therefore, it is important to note that you do not face any gastric issues before a workout.

Advantages of drinking a protein shake after workout:

  1. Protein Shakes after a workout is one of the best ways to resteth your muscle and core strength after a high-intensity workout. Taking a protein shake after a workout boosts your replenished energy immediately. Therefore, within an hour of working out, you can drink protein shakes to regain muscle mass.
  2. Moreover, you feel hungry and tired after a tiring workout session. A protein shake is easy to make after the workout to control your hunger pangs and keep you full for long hours.
  3. Protein shakes make the best go-to snack if you have a busy schedule ahead after morning workouts. You can drink a protein shake the first thing in the morning, which will keep you energized and full for longer hours.

Should I watch the amount of protein I consume in a day?

If you are a professional, it is very important to watch the quantity of protein you are intaking. When it comes to Protein shakes, it is important to keep them in a restricted quantity to avoid getting a bulky body. According to the experts, an ideal amount of protein should be 0.8g of your body weight(per kg).

Ultimately, I want to add that it does not matter when you take the protein shake before or after a workout. The most important is to watch what suits your body most. I hope you will choose the best one for you. Thank you and take care!