Unique Ways to Promote Your Massage Parlor

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    Unique Ways to Promote Your Massage Parlor

    https://digitalsjournal.com/health/massage-parlors-near-me/ Massage parlor advertising can sometimes be difficult, as it requires a constant presence to be effective. When customers hear your message, they may not need you right then, but two months later when they need (or want) a massage, your message still needs to be present for customers to think of you first. If your budget is limited, it’s still possible to grow your massage business-it just requires a little creativity. Read through these suggestions to see if one is feasible for you.

    Mobile Massage

    One of the biggest complaints many prospective customers have about getting a massage is that it’s inconvenient. People don’t always have the time to come to your location and give up a portion of their day for a massage (no matter how badly they want or need one!). Thus, over the past few years, mobile massage has risen in popularity. Masseuses are taking their services directly to the customers, whether this is in the home or a popular location like a shopping mall, airport, hotel, etc. Promote your mobile massage business by using car signs-car magnets are inexpensive and can be used on any vehicle you’re using to haul your equipment.

    Loyalty Cards

    Reaching new customers is important, but keeping those customers is crucial. Use a loyalty punch card to offer your customers a special deal or discount after a pre-set amount of massages. This shows that you appreciate your customer’s business, and it encourages them to keep booking massages with you.

    Group Specials

    There’s power in numbers, and this applies to your massage business, too. One new client is great, but several new clients are wonderful. Target groups of consumers who could benefit from your services, such as wedding parties, athletic teams, small businesses, and booster clubs. By offering the members a special group rate, not only do you increase new customers immediately, you also have a great opportunity to increase long-term customer retention.


    Customers trust those in their sphere of influence, which includes friends, family, coworkers, and sometimes even just acquaintances. Use this power to reach out to new markets by encouraging your current clients to refer others to you. Print vinyl decals to display in your massage rooms so customers know what you’ll offer them for a referral, whether it be just a discount or even a free massage.

    Relationship Building

    Build a reputation for your business in the neighborhood by offering a free massage to local vendors and business owners. Some might even be open to some sort of partnership (i.e. you and a local restaurant creating a “Date Night” package that includes a discounted massage and meal).

    It’s important that you focus your promotional efforts and implement different strategies a few at a time. Trying too many strategies at one time can be confusing and hard to maintain. Rotating your promotions, however, keeps customers interested and helps generate buzz for your business.

    Michael Allen works as a Director of Marketing in Boston, Massachusetts. He has worked with both large companies and small local businesses for over 20 years. His vast experience in the field of marketing positions him as an expert in helping businesses expand by using marketing tactics.