7 Free Tourist Places of Bangkok Every Budget Traveler will Love to Explore

tourist places of bangkok

Bangkok is a popular destination among Indian tourists for a variety of reasons. Among the primary factors is being in a nation accessible in terms of travel distance, time, and money. And there is no shortage of free tourist places of Bangkok with many activities. Moreover, you may use the money you save to explore Bangkok’s incredible culinary culture, buy gifts for your relatives back home, and spend time at some of the most beautiful properties here. Moreover, when planning your Bangkok vacation, let the experts at Roaming Routes help you curate the best Bangkok Pattaya tour packages at the best prices to make the most of your Bangkok vacation.

Let’s check out some of the most famous places in Bangkok that you can visit for free.

7 Tourist Places Of Bangkok To Visit For Free

1. Amulet Market

One should not miss the Amulet Market when looking for Bangkok tourist attractions. In close proximity to the riverbank at Wat Pho, it is a lively marketplace for selling modest but highly cherished Buddhist talismans and votive items. Apart from amulets, this market provides jewelry, souvenirs, talismans, traditional remedies, and Buddha sculptures of different sizes. Moreover, the merchants will not urge you to make a purchase but rather assist you in selecting the appropriate amulet for your needs. For yourself, you may also have a custom-made talisman for luck, goodwill, health, wealth, etc. Therefore, if you are captivated by Hindu and Buddhist civilizations, you should visit Bangkok’s Amulet Market, among the top tourist places of Bangkok.

2. Bangkokian Museum

The quaint Bangkokian Museum, comprised of three wooden bungalows from the early twentieth century, highlights an often-overlooked time in Bangkok’s past. The Bangkokian Museum depicts Bangkok’s upper-middle-class residences from the early to the mid-20th century. The main home structure was designed in 1937 for the Surawadee family. Further, its inside is rich with fine wooden furniture, porcelain, and many other pre-and post-war domestic life relics. Moreover, admission to the building is free.

A two-story storefront next to the museum features themed exhibitions of comparable objects. The third structure, located at the back, was constructed in 1929 as a British medical facility. A visit consists of an informal guided tour conducted in halting English, and photographing is permissible. Moreover, the location is surrounded by gardens and fountains, giving it a pleasant area to escape the city. Hence, this is one of the famous Bangkok tourist spots.

3. Chatuchak Market

One of Asia’s biggest marketplaces will have you practically shopping till you drop, and also the prominent tourist places of Bangkok! The Chatuchak market in Bangkok is not just a shopaholic’s paradise but also a treat for the senses. With almost 15,000 vendors dispersed throughout 27 sections, the marketplace occupies 36 acres.

When you’re here, you may choose to peruse or purchase an abundance of items, ranging from fashion, footwear, and souvenirs to homeware, plants, pottery, etc. Moreover, if you’re not interested in shopping, you may choose from the many food booths and enjoy traditional Thai meals, drinks, desserts, etc. The Chatuchak Weekend Market will surely satisfy your appetite with its flavor, sights, and fragrances!

4. Lumphini Park

Among the beautiful tourist places of Bangkok with no admission fee is Lumphini Park. Visit the immense greenery of Lumphini Park, one of Bangkok’s most picturesque locations.

This park, located in the center of the city’s hustle and bustle, is a pleasant respite for all city explorers. Further, it offers a variety of enjoyable outdoor activities. As one of the most frequented parks in Bangkok, Lumpini is bustling with activities all day. Thus the area will always be filled with children laughing and playing. Moreover, it energizes not only the city but also its people, whether they’re tourists or locals.

5. Chinatown, Bangkok

The famous tourist area in Bangkok, Chinatown, is a destination where you may meet and greet residents, enjoy spending time with your loved ones and absorb the local flavor. Several neon street signs, local street food carts, large crowds, and numerous shops and eateries provide lots to keep you occupied.

6. Sri Maha Mariamman Temple

Among the most famous tourist places of Bangkok, Sri Maha Mariamman is the major Hindu temple in Bangkok. This Hindu temple is almost a century old, and its remarkable structure and color combination make it a must-see tourist destination in Bangkok and a photographer’s dream. The Sri Maha Mariamman Temple is free for worship and visits every day, with suitable attire necessary. Further, there are flower stands around the temple offering flowers, garlands, fruits, and ceremonial food.

7. Rod Fai Market

If you are looking for tourist places of Bangkok, then this is a must-visit. Moreover, it is an open-air market with a carnival vibe. Everything is available here, from old collectibles to hippy apparel. Rod Fai Market is the perfect place for a fun and thrilling evening, with its delectable restaurants, bars, and abundant shopping.


So these were some of the tourist places of Bangkok with free entrance. Visiting Bangkok will not be expensive since it is a budget destination. Book your package with Roaming Routes and enjoy a great vacation.

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