Top 5 Event Solution Platforms That Allow You to Create Host and Market Strategy

Market Strategy

Using the right event solution platform to create your host and market strategy can help you make the most of your event. But, how do you know what to choose? Here are a few tips to help you decide.

splash studio media real estate photography

Whether you’re an investor or a real estate agent, there are many benefits of using a splash studio media based photography and marketing platform. Among other things, it will help you in your quest to attract buyers and sell properties.

The best part is that the technology is a breeze to use. It’s not just a fancy piece of software, but it comes with a white glove service. In addition to the software, you’ll get a plethora of photo editing software to help you make your pictures pop.

The real estate photography industry is a booming one. These types of photography services are typically utilized in marketing collaterals and portfolios. Besides being a visual representation of a property, these photos are also used for insurance purposes. Having a professional photographer take photographs of a property can save you hours of time and money.


Whether you are looking for an easy-to-use webinar platform, or you are planning an interactive virtual event, BigMarker is the right fit for you. This virtual event software is designed to be easy to use for both hosts and attendees. With features like HD audio and video conferencing, interactive polls, and live chat, it’s easy to ensure that other parties are able to follow along with your presentation.

In addition to live streaming and webcasts, BigMarker also allows you to record all of your webinars and replay them. You can even upload videos from YouTube or your own MP4 file.

BigMarker is perfect for hosting webinars, online classes, and training events. It’s easy to customize with loads of customization tools. You can brand your registration page, add custom questions to your Thank-You page, and customize your landing page.


Whether you’re hosting a conference, convention, or trade show, Whova can help you create a modern event. With features like live polls, speaker management, and custom registration forms, it can also help you boost attendee engagement. Whova is an excellent option for events that have higher ticket prices. It’s especially helpful if you want to streamline the process of coordinating hybrid events, such as combining an offline and online conference.

Whova is an award-winning virtual event platform that simplifies the process of planning and organizing hybrid events. Using Whova, you can customize your event’s agenda, create custom quotes, and integrate your event with your sales and marketing tools. It’s also easy to use on the iPad and Android.

The Whova event app offers an exciting slideshow of your event’s activities, as well as mobile notifications and messages. This helps you make the most of your audience’s time, and also gives them a chance to connect with you more closely.


Whether you’re planning a small, medium, or large event, Cvent provides the tools you need to create, host, and market your event. With features designed for every stage of the planning process, from site selection to registration, and more, you’ll be able to run your event from start to finish.

The company also offers a wide variety of solutions, including email marketing, webinars, and marketing campaigns. These products provide you with the insights you need to maximize the impact of your event.

With Cvent, you can build an event website, schedule and track appointments, and keep a tab on your budget. You can also customize your internal planning calendar, and create a customized registration form for your event. You can integrate Cvent with your marketing and expense tracking systems, as well as with virtually any web-based CRM.

Webex Events.

Whether you are organizing a virtual or hybrid event, Webex Events is one of the top event solution platforms that helps you create a successful and branded experience for attendees. Originally a webinar tool, Webex has evolved into a full-service conference platform, with the ability to create and manage an in-person or virtual event.

Webex Events offers a variety of features, including gamification, a live event app, and customizable networking communities. It also has lead-retrieval capabilities and offers instant payouts. This software allows you to create highly interactive events that attract attendees year-round.

Cisco’s Webex Events helps you manage events of all sizes. With a free basic plan, you can invite up to 50 attendees and enjoy meeting notifications and meeting list. You can upgrade to a business plan, which is $25 a month and supports up to 200 attendees. You can also get advanced features like asynchronous video, whiteboarding, cloud/on-premise calling, and more.