community service

Community service is a great way to give back to your community. It’s considerably one of the noblest and most virtuous domains that serve to help the vulnerable in societies experiencing poverty, disabilities, social distinction, domestic violence, and other hardships. Community service work definitely brings positive effects on society, and also benefits your life and personal development as well. Do you wonder what drives people into support work? Ever thought of a career in empowering people to be your true calling? 

There is a big demand for skilled, selfless, and committed community workers in Australia, where people find themselves in extremely fulfilling job roles. If you’re passionate about working with people, making a positive impact on society, and determined to make a genuine difference, you’ll unquestionably find a flourishing career in this evergreen sector. Besides providing job stability and enabling you to extend your earning potential, it brings along a myriad of benefits. Let’s view the 5 benefits of being a part of this booming industry and how obtaining your CHC52015 Diploma of Community Services can help change your world and the world of others.

Valuable Community Service

Your service, even the smallest contribution can make a true difference to the people and your own life tremendously. Every single day, your assignments will revolve around giving hope and making people’s lives better. 

Douglas Adam says,” To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.” The importance of community service lies in the fact that it puts you in a unique position to empower the vulnerable, advocate for their rights, and build stronger and healthier communities in the course of your duties. It’s incredibly a noble feeling, isn’t it?

Skill Enhancement 

A CHC52015 Diploma of Community Services will enable you to master valuable attributes to be competent at your job like teamwork, communication, public speaking, task management, active listening, problem-solving, project planning, and organisational skills.

In the course of community development, you’ll empower your own position by building a versatile skill set that will invariably boost your career and set you apart from other candidates. Working in community services also enhances your social skills and helps you build on your self-esteem.

Variety of jobs and a promising career

Trust us when we say that a career in community services accompanies a wealth of opportunities. With just one qualification, the CHC52015 Diploma of Community Services you can explore umpteen career pathways and fit into a plethora of job-ready roles as a Community Care Manager, Coordinator of Volunteer Work, Team Leader, Care Team Leader, Family Services Coordinator, Support Facilitator (Community Services) and so forth. Grab a role that appeals to you most and where you can deploy your strengths and skills most efficiently. 

Community service workers are needed everywhere. They have a variety of client areas to work in: aged care, disability services, child protection, family services, schools, emergency relief, and so on. This means countless opportunities to grow and progress throughout your career. By working for various organisations alongside a variety of people with an assortment of skills, you’ll build new and robust network connections thereby accelerating your growth.

The career prospects for qualified community workers in Australia are very strong with a 15.2%* job growth projected in 5 years. Does this sound exciting to you?

Fun, Fulfilling and Flexible work

Each day of your work will bring forth new adventures and challenges, kicking out boredom from your life. Experienced community service workers have the ability to innovate, think outside the box, and collaborate as a team to overcome challenges. 

Working in community services is unlike any other job. Getting a chance to work with people from all walks of life is fun and incredibly rewarding too. For many, relationship building and the feeling of personal achievement from helping the vulnerable are truly satisfying.  It makes you feel more closely engaged and deeply connected with your community.

Community service jobs are far from the regular nine-to-five desk jobs. Though community workers are required in diverse settings with variegated responsibilities, this career offers flexibility to balance work with family duties and commitments as full-time and part-time roles are available.

New Connections, Everyday

Community service participation will provide you with opportunities to broaden your connections and strengthen existing relationships with individuals, friends, family, or co-workers in your community. You’ll get to work with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds every day.  

This networking may keep you updated with job openings, workshops, training opportunities, and socialising events. 

Study with KAL Training

KAL Training offers the nationally recognised CHC52015 Diploma of Community Services to start your career in community services. Quality training along with hands-on experiences by industry professionals at KAL Training will provide you with the best learning experience and equip you with the relevant skills and practical knowledge to be an adept community service worker. Studying for this course, students will gain knowledge and competency in specific units created to give a real insight into the community services domain.

You can consider taking a professional turn in your career and advance by taking up the CHC62015 Advanced Diploma of Community Sector Management. 

The Bottom line

Community service is indispensable for the smooth functioning and development of any society. It’s an ideal choice for aspirants looking for a budding career with opportunities now and in the future. Ready to launch your career in community services with us?