Things to Keep In Mind Before Choosing the Best CBSE School in Bangalore!


Bangalore is now the third most populous in India, thanks to rapid expansion over the last three decades. This expansion has also given Bangalore home to a varied region fueled by talent migration from across the country and the globe to pursue their goals. In today’s competitive world, studies alone are insufficient, and each youngster develops their full character or personality and a discipline in thinking and execution talents. 

Top Things To Look For Before Choosing the Best CBSE School in Bangalore!

However, choosing the best CBSE school in Bangalore is not an easy thing to do. It takes a lot of time, effort, and, most importantly, research to hop on the school that you are looking for. But by keeping essential things in mind, your hunt for choosing the appropriate CBSE school in Bangalore can be eased. Let’s explore some of them here!

  1. Communication
  • Can the school be reached quickly when needed, and do they respond swiftly to emails/messages?
  • Is the school reliant on parents to fill in the gaps where students struggle? 
  1. Location
  • School location in proximity to your home- older children may handle longer rides, but primary school children have a full day at school and must consider the bus ride. 
  • Also, ask for the phone number of the bus supervisor. Some schools distribute the phone numbers of the adults on board, and they can be reached immediately, even while on the road. This reassures both parents and children in a metropolis that can be congested for quite some time.
  1. Food
  • Find out what the lunchtime protocol is. Some schools do not allow students to bring their meals, so they must consume Indian food. Some children find it challenging to eat spicy cuisine, but a good school also offers meals from home. Thanks to solid encouragement from the school, children eating school lunch is a plus. The familiarity with home meals aids children in their initial adjustment.
  1. Homework
  • Is there a realistic limit? I’ve discovered that some Indian-origin parents anticipate more homework than expat parents.
  • Homework is intended to test the children, not the parents, and should be limited to one recently taught task. If a child cannot do homework, it has been assigned incorrectly.
  • Older children (grades six and up) require a more formal approach and homework, but they also need time to participate in after-school outdoor activities. Check what is assigned for homework at each age level, the timeframe for completion, and the due date.
  1. Costs
  • Request that the school you chose defines the fees involved, including what you will be charged if your child requires a plaster! How much internet do you use? 
  • There should be a breakdown of what you will be paying for and what you have spent at the end of the year in your package.

Wrapping Up

The significance of increasing a region’s literacy rate cannot be overstated. Education plays a vital role in improving an individual’s life and collectively boosting the growth of the community where the highest proportion of literacy is gained. 

A well-supported, readily available education system effectively ensures people’s economic stability, allowing them to actively participate in the suburb and family economic prosperity and cultural growth.

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