The best time to visit the matheran campsite



Matheran Hill Station is the most charming hill in India. Here visitors can stay at hotels or resorts. Matheran Hill is best visited between October and May. How do I reach Matheran Hill? Tourists have a variety of options for transportation. It is the ideal location for stunning views and breathtaking sunrises and sunsets.

Matheran Hill Station’s exact location

Matheran’s tourist attractions are not affected by the city’s bustle. The elevation is 800m above sea level in Western Ghats. Matheran Place has a pleasant climate that can be enjoyed all year. The season of rain and thunderstorms is when the hill’s true beauty is revealed.

Matheran Hill is free of horn-blaring buses, cars, and other vehicles that are in hurry. Matheran Hill Station’s greatest feature is its tranquility and serene setting with many natural sights that help everyone relax.

People also trek to the Matheran hills to take photos and to explore its natural beauty.

Tourists and travelers alike visit the area and walk around on foot. Before they travel to Matheran, most people do research on hiking, camping and rappelling.

The best time to visit Matheran

When the city is too crowded, the air is too dry, or the surrounding area seems monotonous, turn your attention to the lush Western Ghats. It is beautiful and green, and it is surrounded by dense clouds. Where waterfalls slide down and twist while it is raining gently. Each shade of green is beautiful and enlightening.

Matheran, a tiny hill station in the city, is visited by many people who seek this beauty and greenery. Because there are no motorized vehicles or cars allowed in this area, pollution is virtually non-existent. In this small town, peace is more important than the bustling rhythms of a large city.

Matheran is an amazing sight, boasting more than 28 look-out points, forests, streams and waterfalls. It’s all made possible by the beautiful weather. Matheran’s best qualities are revealed by the sun, rain, clouds, and wind. Each season brings out a different aspect of Matheran. Let the seasons help you decide when to visit Matheran.

To help you make that decision, we have created a guide to the Matheran climate and weather.

Look around, flip the calendar and decide when you want to visit Matheran!

Peak Seasons are Winter, and Summer Off Season is the Monsoon Season (October to February).

Winter temperatures in Matheran range from an average 34 degree high to an average low of 18 degrees.


Winter temperatures are generally pleasant but can drop to as low as 10 degrees Celsius. Matheran’s winter is marked by cold nights and mildly warm days, which are a result of the winter sun. The hill town has been revitalized by the monsoon’s heavy rain, and both the sky and ground will be competing for your attention.


Winter has many delights for travelers. As you ascend into the fog, let the cool breeze dance around you. This time of year is perfect for quiet reflection and leisurely walks. To rediscover the true meaning of verdant, you can explore the hill town by foot or mountain bike. As you follow the path of a gurgling stream, the waterfall’s gentle stream will flow through your fingers. Stargaze while camping. Under a blanket, you can snuggle up. Relax and enjoy the starry night of winter.

Here are the reasons you should go immediately:

Matheran is a popular destination for tourists visiting from nearby cities and towns. The monsoon transforms the hill town, and you can reap the benefits of the rainy season. Matheran is most popular during this time of year. Matheran also experiences low tourist traffic in the winter months of January and October, so you will have this charming little hill station all to yourself.

Before you go:

Winter is the best time to see Matheran’s wildlife and the many species of monkeys that reside there.


If you are on a budget or looking for some peace and quiet, October and January are the quietest months. You might find great hotel deals during winter months.

Monsoon (July – September)

The average temperature in Matheran during monsoon season is between 33 and 24 degrees in high and low.

Weather: Matheran receives an average of 150 inches of rain annually, with the majority falling during the monsoon season. Millions of raindrops fell on the area from dense, heavy clouds that drenched it in torrential downpours. Matheran’s natural beauty is revealed by the swollen waterfalls and small lakes that wash away any summer dust. The air is cool and dry, with no oppressive humidity.

Summer (March-June).

Matheran’s summertime temperature ranges from an average high of 34°C to a low at 22°C.

Weather: Matheran warms slowly in summer, while other cities heat quickly. This results in a pleasant and warm summer. Some days the temperature can exceed 35°C. Because of the consistent temperature, you can participate in many activities without becoming too hot or tired.


It is hard to predict the best time of year to visit Matheran, as each season is unique. If this has whetted you appetite for a Matheran trip, visit our Holiday Packages Page to book your trip to the hills.