The Best Cordless Jigsaws for Woodworking


When it comes to saws, there are a lot of different types to choose from. If you’re looking for a saw that is perfect for woodworking, then you should consider a cordless jigsaw. Jigsaws are ideal for cutting curves and intricate designs in wood, and they are much more portable than traditional saws. In this blog post, we will discuss the best cordless jigsaws for woodworking. We will also talk about the features that make these saws so great!

Makita 4131 Compact Cordless Jig Saw:

Another great option is the Makita 4131 Compact Cordless Jig Saw. This saw has a compact design which makes it easy to use in tight spaces, like between studs or when you’re making intricate cuts. It’s also cordless, so you can take it anywhere and not worry about a power outlet. The Makita 4131 has an ergonomic handle that helps reduce fatigue, as well as its two-finger trigger for faster cutting speeds.

Bosch JS470E 7 Amp Corded Jig Saw:

For those who need even more power, the Bosch JS470E 7 Amp Corded Jig Saw is just what you need. This saw has an impressive 7 amp motor capable of making clean cuts in hardwoods and other tough materials. It also has four orbital settings to choose from, so you can adjust the blade speed based on your project needs. Plus, it comes with a dust blower which keeps your workspace clean while you work.

DeWalt DCS331B Cordless Jigsaw:

If you’re looking for something lightweight and portable, the DeWalt DCS331B Cordless Jigsaw is a great option. This saw has an adjustable shoe that helps make straight and curved cuts easier. It also has two-speed settings for different types of materials, and its brushless motor makes it more efficient than traditional jigsaws.

Milwaukee 2445-20 M12 Cordless Jigsaw:

The Milwaukee 2445-20 M12 Cordless Jigsaw is perfect for any woodworker who needs a reliable tool in tight spaces. This compact saw features an LED light that illuminates your workspace so you can see what you’re cutting. Plus, its 12-volt lithium-ion battery provides plenty of power to get the job done quickly.

Black & Decker BDCJS20B Jigsaw:

The Black & Decker BDCJS20B Jigsaw is an excellent choice for tackling medium-duty woodworking tasks. This cordless jigsaw is equipped with a variable speed trigger, allowing you to make precise cuts through even the toughest materials. It also has a tool-free blade change system, so you can swap out blades quickly and easily.

Makita XMT03Z Cordless Jigsaw:

For versatility, the Makita XMT03Z Cordless Jigsaw features three orbital settings and a variable speed control dial. This saw is also equipped with an adjustable dust blower to keep your work area clean and visible. Additionally, the Makita XMT03Z was designed with a built-in LED light to help you accurately see your cutting line in dark areas.

Dewalt DCS331P1 Cordless Jigsaw:

The Dewalt DCS331P1 Cordless Jigsaw boasts the latest technology for powerful performance. It has an all-metal keyless lever-action blade system that makes it easy to switch out blades quickly. The 4-position orbital action allows you to customize the cutting motion for better control over tricky cuts. And its brushless motor provides increased runtime and performance compared to corded jigsaws of similar power levels.

Bosch JS470E Cordless Top-Handle Jigsaw:

When looking for a cordless jigsaw, the Bosch JS470E Cordless Top-Handle Jigsaw is an excellent choice. This powerful battery-powered saw has a 7 Amp motor and a 4-stage variable speed dial that allows you to make smooth cuts in hardwoods or soft plastics. It also comes with an adjustable dust blower to keep your work area clean and visible.

Festool TS 55 REQ Plus Circular Saw:

The Festool TS 55 REQ Plus Circular Saw is another great option for those looking for a cordless jigsaw. This high-performance tool features precision cutting technology that helps you make accurate cuts, no matter the material you’re working with. The removable blade guard provides extra protection while using this tool, and it comes with a dust extraction port to keep your work area clean.

Role of Cordless Jigsaw:

Cordless jigsaws are one of the most important tools to have on hand when it comes to woodworking. They provide a great deal of control and precision when making cuts in any type of material, from hardwoods to soft plastics. Cordless jigsaws are also great for detailed work, as you can adjust their speed and depth settings without having to worry about cords getting in the way. With the right cordless jigsaw, you can make smooth, accurate cuts that will help you create projects with perfect results.

Some Issues you May Face:

One of the common issues that can come up when using a cordless jigsaw is blade drift, where the blade drifts away from your desired line as you make your cuts. This can be caused by an improperly set depth gauge or an incorrectly placed guide fence. Luckily, most modern cordless jigsaws are equipped with anti-drift features to keep your cuts true and accurate.

Features to Look for in a Cordless Jigsaw:

1. Adjustable speed control: Many cordless jigsaws offer adjustable speeds so that you can increase the speed when making straight cuts and decrease it when cutting curves.

2. Variable orbital action: This feature allows you to adjust the stroke of the blade, giving you more control over your cuts by allowing you to choose between different patterns and cut styles.

3. LED headlights: LED headlights help illuminate dark work areas so that you can see your project more clearly while cutting.

4. Dust blower: Some cordless jigsaws come with an integrated dust blower that helps keep debris away from your workpiece as you cut.

5. Easy blade changes: When you need to switch out blades, some cordless jigsaws come with a tool-free system that makes swapping them out quick and easy.

When it comes to woodworking, having the right tools is essential for getting the job done quickly and efficiently. Cordless jigsaws are great for making precise cuts in a variety of materials, including hardwoods and plywood. Choosing the best one for your needs can be tricky due to all the features available on different models, so here’s our guide to help you decide which one is right for you. Visit FridayRack for reading reviews.