Tapestry Hanging on Your Wall: Easy Methods



Many people overlook the decorative possibilities of a blank wall. You can hang family portraits and paintings on a wall. But what if you knew that there were more creative options? Tapestries are a simple yet creative way to decorate a wall. 

We don’t recommend that you make your living room or bedroom a tapestry museum. However, we do suggest hanging textile art, vintage fabrics, and even colourful textiles above or behind the couch. This adds volume, colour and pattern to the space.

Here are some ideas to help you hang your tapestry on the wall. Before you start searching for the right tapestry to hang on your walls, check out these innovative tapestry hanging tips.

Nails and tacks

Nails or tacks are probably the best way to hang tapestries on the wall. This is only for larger tapestries, as it can make holes in smaller ones. Hang it taut or hang it at the corners. This will create a casual drape. Attach it to the head with a row if nails for a straighter look.

Hooks for adhesives

Do you want to know how to hang a tapestry without leaving marks on walls? Stick-on hooks can be used to attach tapestries and are easy to remove without creating a hole in your wall. This is a great way to hang wallpaper on the walls if you are moving frequently or live in a rental house. It is also easy to mount and remove. Hang the tapestry on hooks by attaching twine or rope loops to the corners. If your tapestries don’t already have grommets, you can add them. You can use adhesive hooks to hang your tapestries, but curtain rings are also an option for elegant drapery.

Case with rod:

Many delicate tapestries that have intricate embroidery may come with a pole sleeves, which are specially made for hanging. These sleeves are simple to hang and easy to use. Simply choose a rod to match the tapestry, and then slide it in. Now that the tapestry doesn’t come with a case, how can you hang it? One is possible! To make one, simply sew thick fabric along its back to match the rod’s width. Also, stitch across the top and bottom of the fabric to allow for the rod to pass through. A seamstress may be able to assist you if you don’t make a straight line. This is a beautiful way to hang tapestries or other types of rugs.

It should be frame:

It is not easy to transform your tapestry into stunning artwork, despite the fact that no one said so. Use a staple gun to attach the tapestry to a plywood or wooden frame. If the tapestry is very thin, you’ll need to stretch the canvas and attach it to the frame. This will ensure that the wood is hidden from the translucent fabric. This is how you hang a tapestry that doubles as art.

Velcro straps:

Velcro straps are another way to hang tapestries on walls. They are easy and unaffected. You don’t need any additional hardware, and the tapestry will look cleaner after it has been hung. If you are looking for tapestry hanging options that don’t involve hooks, staples or pins, then this is the right choice. This video shows you how to hang a tapestry with Velcro straps.

How to hang a tapestry in frames

Are they fragile, old, or complex? Just place it behind the glass, and frame it. You’ll get a tapestry with dual purposes: painting and tapestry if you choose a frame that matches the design of the tapestry.

Rope or cable

This is one of the most simple tapestry hanging ideas if you are handy and enjoy spending time DIYing in your home. There are two options. Thread the tapestry’s top, which has a pocket for string, with a needle and thread, and hang it on hooks or nails. You can also use a cable system to simply clip it, hang it, and forget about it. This option is great for privacy.