Summoned to a Parallel World Many Times


Summoned to a Parallel World Many Times Chapter 1 is an engaging manga featuring fantastic characters and fast-paced plots that keep readers engrossed! Perfect for fantasy enthusiasts or anyone seeking adventure!

Parallel worlds are an enduring theme in fiction. Stephen King’s seven-volume series The Dark Tower revolves around a hero drawn from another universe and brought into our world via magic.


Arriving in a foreign world can be both exhilarating and terrifying, forcing protagonists to adapt quickly in order to interact effectively with those they meet, using their unique talents for survival.

First and foremost is their constant battles in a new environment; these battles may become physically and emotionally exhausting, prompting them to question if their actions are truly making an impactful difference in society.

The main character (MC) quickly discovers that other summoned individuals from parallel worlds share his struggles, and together they can work to overcome evil forces in his new home world. Yet, he must also struggle against darker impulses within himself in order to remain pure. The manga provides an engaging read with plenty of twists and turns to keep readers engrossed – an absolute must for adventure enthusiasts!


Summoned to a Parallel World Many Times is an example of Isekai (, literally “World Switch”). These manga involve characters being transported into another dimension where they must fulfill some sort of task – be it defeating a demon lord or saving their princess – often leading them to discover special powers in this new world.

Summoned to a Parallel World follows protagonist Setsu on his adventures across parallel universes that are at war with demons. After saving them all and returning home to Japan, however, Setsu discovers that his adventures have only just begun; each time he had been summoned back before and each time gained more power from being sent there again and again. The story follows him trying to stop this cycle so as to end it for good – an exciting and fast-paced story suitable for fans of fantasy alike!


Summoned to a Parallel World Many Times offers an immersive and captivating world for its protagonist. He finds himself immersed in an alternate reality where rules differ drastically and everything seems strange and unfamiliar.

Parallel worlds are an often-explored concept in fantasy literature and can take many forms. Terry Pratchett’s novels often include an alternate dimension known as the No Zone that acts like an entranceway into other dimensions and governs travel between them; similarly, DC Universe Elseworlds imprint uses this same idea where characters can affect events across universes.

Parallel worlds may be dangerous and exciting places, but they also present an opportunity for personal development and strength-finding. In this manga’s protagonist’s experience of multiple dimensions he finds that being summoned has helped him grow stronger while adapting to changing situations and surmounting obstacles more efficiently.


Summoned to a Parallel World Many Times is an engaging manga that will keep your attention from cover to cover. It tells the tale of a hero summoned multiple parallel worlds with special abilities that allow him to interact with its inhabitants in fascinating fashion.

He battles dangerous monsters while making friends from different cultures while learning to control his powers. This thrilling tale explores themes like civilization versus savagery and magic’s potency.

Keiki Kiryuu, an ordinary high school boy who finds himself summoned into several parallel worlds by summoning creatures from other realms, experiences life-or-death situations when summoned, and eventually learns to use his powers responsibly and overcome his fears in the process. Along his journey he meets Kairi who lives there. She’s strong and determined yet can sometimes act impulsively.