Star Swim Schools – More Than Just Swimming Lessons

Baby Swimming Lessons

Star Swim Schools believes that water skills and safety are invaluable life lessons for young Babies. Their quality training sessions feature a commitment to creating an enjoyable yet developmentally appropriate learning-to-swim atmosphere.

Small group classes guarantee each student receives personalized attention from their instructor, enabling the child to learn faster.

Kids Program

Swim schools come in a variety of forms, but some go beyond providing lessons on swimming. They focus on safety around the water and teach kids how to survive if they fall into it.

British Swim School in Richboro, Bensalem and Northeast Philadelphia provides swim lessons to children as young as three months old, teaching them lifesaving skills that could save them in case of an accidental fall into water. There are 10 skill level tiers available – from infant Tadpole classes up through competition-ready Barracudas.

The school’s curriculum is built upon child development best practices and utilizes semester-based, year-round learning with a 100 percent swimmer guarantee. Its mission is to help kids become safe swimmers so they can grow to love it.

Though it may seem like a straightforward approach, learning to swim can be challenging for kids. That is why British Swim School’s program focuses on imparting these essential skills in an enjoyable and motivating manner.

They use an online program called STARs to motivate children and reward them for their achievements. It’s an incredible program that allows kids to see their hard work pay off. Furthermore, it teaches valuable self-esteem and goal setting techniques as well.

This indoor community center in West Mount Airy offers weekly group lessons for kids from six months to teens. Swimming classes Clyde usually consist of four to six students, but may be larger or smaller depending on the number of pupils in each group. Generally, the pool is open Mondays through Saturdays and classes last 30 minutes.

At this swimming school, safety is their top priority. Their “swim right” method begins by teaching children how to take multiple breaths, back float and push off the wall; then they progress into beginner freestyle and backstroke based on age and gross motor skillsets.

At this South Jersey-based swim school, they focus on building confident swimmers through small class sizes and engaging storytelling. Their two locations across the bridge feature indoor heated pools that cater to children five months to 15 years old, plus parent-and-child lessons, private and semi-private instruction as well as classes specifically tailored for home-schooled children.

Baby Swimming Lessons

Baby swimming lessons Clyde can be an excellent way to make your little one comfortable in the water. These classes introduce babies and toddlers to swimming while teaching basic skills like breathing, back floating and pushing off walls.

At Swim-It-Up!, we are proud to be a local partner with the USA Swimming Foundation – who have invested millions of dollars in grants for learn-to-swim programs and water safety education across America. Our instructors are certified and use an effective teaching method to get your child comfortable in the water quickly.

Our staff is friendly, efficient and welcoming. They’re more than happy to answer any queries you have about the pool, classes or scheduling. Additionally, they know how to create a fun atmosphere while teaching children necessary swimming skills.

Their “swim right” method sets itself apart from other schools by teaching water safety from the start, so your child will be equipped to brave the water without fear of drowning.

They offer a range of swim classes including Parent-Tot, Infant, Junior and Senior lessons. Their team of highly trained instructors are all certified professionals with at least 40 hours in-classroom and in-water instruction under their belt – giving your child all the tools necessary for safety in the water.

At Our Small Group Classes, your child can learn with other students at their same level and benefit from having peers to help them along the way. We urge parents to join in during lessons as well, so your little one has an enjoyable learning experience as well as sees how much fun learning can be!

The great thing about baby and toddler classes is that they are taught by trained, experienced professionals who take time to ensure your child feels secure, safe, and confident in the water. After years of helping kids develop skills and confidence in water activities, these instructors possess plenty of expertise as well as enthusiasm for what they do.

Adult Swimming Lessons

Learning to swim is an integral part of living a healthy lifestyle for people of all ages. Not only does it improve physical and mental wellbeing, strength and independence – it’s an excellent way to train for triathlons or simply have some fun in the water!

At the YMCA, swimming lessons are offered for all ages–babies and toddlers (with their parents starting at 6 months), preschool-aged children, youth and adults–plus it teaches crucial water safety skills to all participants.

At this YMCA, the curriculum is based on American Red Cross standards to create a safe and fun learning environment for children. Classes are held Monday through Saturday and offer parents an opportunity to spend quality time with their child in the water.

Newport Swim and Fitness provides group and private swimming lessons with a 4:1 student to teacher ratio, designed to give beginner swimmers confidence and improve their stroke technique. The instructors at Newport Swim and Fitness have extensive experience instructing all levels of swimmer abilities from beginners to advanced.

Goldfish Swim School has been teaching swimmers of all ages since 2006. Jenny McCuiston – a two-time Olympic trials qualifier – and Chris McCuiston are dedicated to providing top-notch instruction for their students.

Goldfish Swim School in Cary offers 30 instructors to accommodate families searching for swim lessons. In addition to private instruction, they also host an extensive swim team that competes in local meets.

British Swim School has been offering learn-to-swim and water survival classes nationwide for over 35 years, with a goal-oriented curriculum developed by an ex-national swimmer for England. Their highly-trained professional instructors provide one-on-one attention to each student so that they make progress quickly and effortlessly.

Private sessions for adults can also be arranged on an individual basis. These are ideal if you’re uncertain if or not your regular group class schedule will allow for enough stress and frustration, or would prefer tailored lessons to focus on specific areas requiring improvement.

Adult Swim Team

Our Adult Swim Team provides a more structured program than our Baby & Kids program, yet still offers plenty of fun and games. Whether you are an experienced swimmer or just starting out in aquatic education, our small group classes offer the ideal setting for your aquatic education needs. Award-winning adults only classes range in size from 6-10 people for a more personalized experience. With only adults present during each lesson, our teachers guarantee great instruction with professional service in a comfortable atmosphere backed by over 30 years of expertise in teaching swimming and water based activities.