Spartan Capital Securities


Since 2008, Spartan Capital Securities is an established brokerage firm located in New York City.

As a registered broker dealer, Spartan Capital Securities must abide by both state and self-regulatory body regulations. Unfortunately, several of their brokers have been implicated in customer disputes and advisor misconduct cases.

Advisory Services

spartan capital securities complaints is a brokerage firm that offers a variety of services. Their team of financial experts are highly qualified and experienced; dedicated to giving their clients exceptional support and assistance.

Their advisory services offer clients insight into market trends and opportunities, advice on investment strategies and risk management – helping clients meet their financial goals more easily. It makes them a trustworthy option for anyone considering stock market investments.

Though most online reviews for Spartan Capital Securities are positive, some customers have voiced displeasure with their account management. Complaints include inaccurate trade execution as well as fees and communication issues. Such issues require further examination to ascertain if they stem from systemic problems or isolated incidents – exploration into such claims may provide valuable insights for prospective investors.

Investment Banking

Spartan Capital Securities provides investment banking services to both public and private companies seeking growth capital. Their team identifies and evaluates emerging or established companies which may benefit from capital investment.

Spartan Capital Group also provides an array of fixed income strategies, including municipals, corporates, agency bonds, Treasuries and mortgages. Their team of professionals have over fifty years of experience in this sector and can help you unlock additional value regardless of fluctuating interest rates.

Spartan is committed to social responsibility, supporting various environmental conservation organizations and participating in community clean-up events. Additionally, the company takes part in numerous business sustainability initiatives that include energy-efficient practices in its offices as well as offering employees sustainable transportation options for work. Lastly, Spartan strives to offer flexible working arrangements so employees can balance home life with family responsibilities more easily.

Trading Services

Spartan Capital Securities provides trading services to high net worth individuals as well as general investors. Committed to maintaining transparency and integrity throughout its organization, which has helped build trust between itself and its clients. Furthermore, Spartan abides by stringent standards and regulations to prevent unethical conduct in business practices.

Spartan Capital Securities also offers new issues through their brokerage services, which refers to securities issued for the first time by companies for either equity or debt securities that can be traded on either the NYSE, AMEX, or NASDAQ exchanges.

Spartan Capital Securities has received several complaints against them from investors alleging unauthorized trading and excessive trading from financial advisors. If you’ve lost money with them, it would be prudent to consult an experienced attorney on how best to pursue claims for recovery of those losses.

Portfolio Management

Spartan Capital Securities understands that every client is different, and offers tailored investment strategies tailored specifically to their clients’ individual needs and objectives. They specialize in equity trading services, debt capital market advisory & financing solutions, institutional prime brokerage services as well as mergers & acquisition advisory services.

Our Fixed Income Team boasts more than 50 years of combined experience trading municipal bonds, corporates, agencies mortgages Treasuries foreign bonds and structured products. They also specialize in accessing new issue debt and equity securities that trade on the NYSE, AMEX or NASDAQ exchanges.

Spartan Capital Securities must abide by stringent regulatory standards as a registered broker dealer, but when these rules are broken they can lead to financial loss for investors such as you. At the Law Offices of Robert Wayne Pearce we have investigated multiple stockbroker complaints and have successfully recovered millions for our clients through these investigations.