Some Of The Delicious Street Foods in Qatar


Traveling to different countries around the world is everyone’s dream. And when it’s time to fulfil the dream, one must not forget about Doha, Qatar. It is among the beautiful states in the Middle East for families to explore. From its cultural richness to its historical art and paintings. It is a magnificent place to stay and experience the richness of Islamic art and history.

Visiting Qatar can become easier for you if you look for a car hire Doha, Qatar so that you have your rental car to roam around the places. Moreover, enjoy quality time with your family and friends. To experience the combination of culture and modern spices, you must taste street food while roaming around the city.

Here is the list of street food that will help you explore Qatar’s taste with a blend of native spices.

  1. Crepe
  2. Harees
  3. Khaboos
  4. Balaleet
  5. Kebab

1.    Crepe

Crepe, also known as Ragag, is a delectable Arabic Street snack that is very well-liked by both locals and visitors in Qatar. It might not be the tastiest meal in Qatar, but it has all the necessary qualities to become a well-liked street snack there. Most cafés and food stands in Qatar provide crepe to visitors.

A cone-shaped, paper-thin, and frequently crunchy snack is folded or rolled. It goes well with tea, kebabs, cheese, eggs, and many other toppings. Additionally, to improve the flavor of the food, locals in Qatar enjoy spreading honey or rich fish paste on crêpe.

2.    Harees

A dish called Harees or harissa is cooked with meat and pounded wheat that has been boiled and cracked. It has a texture that is a cross between porridge & dumplings. You should not worry if you are unsure about the flavor or whether it will be healthy for your wellness. It has a great flavor, and enough nutrients, and is frequently consumed for breakfast at Iftar during Ramadan. These foods provide a distinct flavor that is exclusive to the Middle East.

People should treat their taste senses to the greatest while on vacation because it is unlike any other food. But, on the other hand, people shouldn’t miss the opportunity because it is among the best Middle Eastern cuisines.

3.    Khaboos

Have you ever enjoyed a dish made using flatbread within the Middle East or elsewhere? Khaboos is a traditional dish among tourists to the Middle East that can be found on the sidewalks of Doha. It is a cuisine that incorporates tastes native to the Indian subcontinent.

Maida is one of the primary components, which increases how delicious it is as a snack. Khaboos can be consumed with hummus or dips. The fact that it genuinely treats the taste senses to something different makes this one of the numerous foods people shouldn’t miss out on.

4.    Balaleet

Balaleet, which has a calming flavor, balances sweet and savory ingredients. In Qatar, this popular dish is a favorite. Vermicelli, cardamom, sugar, rosewater, and saffron combine to create the delicious flavor of this Arabian treat. Regardless of your preference for sweets, you must taste this Qatari cuisine. It is among the most well-liked breakfast options.

5.    Kebab

Kebabs are among the most delectable delicacies that visitors to Qatar must experience. Kebab is a grilled meat meal with vegetables or other components drenched in aromatic spices. Your taste sensations are enhanced by grilling it and serving it with various bread and salads. It is a well-known Middle Eastern dish cooked over a fire that is also referred to as kofta. Different flavors are communicated to the kebabs depending on whether they are baked in a skillet or cooked on a skewer. It is the best street cuisine in Qatar that is impossible to pass up and will undoubtedly make your visit enjoyable.