Signs to Say Goodbye to Your Old Mattress


If you sleep on a poor mattress, it compromises every aspect of your health and well-being. The interrupted night’s sleep deters your body’s capability to keep up with the work the whole day. 

Having a quality mattress is one of the convenient ways that you can use to improve your sleep quality. If you are observing poor signs and symptoms in your support, swap it immediately with advanced mattresses that bring comfort and luxury at the same time. 

High-quality mattresses don’t let you feel the droop and the indentation across it, promoting better sleep at night. If these problems arise, there is no going back to get the right support from your mattress to help your back and spinal length.  

To prevent the development of adverse effects from sleeping on a poor mattress, it is better that you identify the warning signs and get a luxury mattress online. 

Alarming Signs of a Poor Mattress

There are several tell-tale signs of a poor mattress but if you’re noticing any of the following, you must bring a new one home:

  • Body Ache – Waking up with body aches and feeling sluggish? It is more likely the problem is due to the comfort layers of your mattress deteriorating and exerting pressure spots onto the firmer support side.
  • Interrupted Sleep – If you are constantly tossing and turning while you are asleep, then your mattress is certainly worn out that needs a replacement. Even if you don’t wake up feeling rejuvenated in the morning, blame your poor mattress for it. Moreover, if you don’t get sound sleep throughout the night or you take longer to fall asleep, change your mattress right away. 
  • Sagging – After supporting your body constantly for a long term, the mattresses start drooping. Pressure points may develop in your neck & back while you are asleep, resulting in uneven spinal support caused by an age-old sagging mattress. It must be replaced if it creates body impressions, which are a clear sign of its dropping quality. 
  • Poor Support – The layers of the quality mattress cumulatively are designed to work together for supporting your spinal alignment. To ensure proper spinal alignment without letting you feel sinking in the mattress, the comfort layers must adapt to your body shape. Similarly, the supporting core is specific to offering a sturdy base that further supports the heavy body parts, keeping your spine in a natural curve.
  • Excessive Heat – The materials and methods used in tailoring a mattress make it efficient for regulating temperature. Due to the sturdy makeup of the mattresses, foam mattresses retain more heat while coils support core mattresses for a more cooling effect. Although different manufacturers use phase change or gel infusions techniques that reduce a foam mattress’ capacity to lock in heat. Such materials can wear out easily, creating a discomforting sleeping surface. Moreover, the comfort layers can be softened that pushing you to sink more into the mattress. It leaves less room to let your body breathe comfortably. 
  • Pathogens Invasion – As old mattresses get exposed to different dirty objects, pet hair, molds, and other pathogens, it encourages the allergens’ accumulation across the mattress. If you are sensitive to allergies, the pathogens in your mattress could be the culprit. Mold & little crawlies can be refrained by keeping your mattress clean. It also supports ventilation under the mattress and a washable mattress protector can be layered to sleep carefree at night.
  • Dust mites – Dead skin cells get accumulate on your mattress inviting dust and mites. Allergy sufferers get sneezed and feel watery eyes, sinus congestion, and runny noses from coming in contact with dust mites. Latex and foam mattresses offer minimal space to let the mites reside in than their innerspring mattresses. 
  • Age of the Mattress — While some mattresses last longer than others, all mattresses eventually lose their support and pressure-relieving properties. Inadequate care, more weight, and the use of an unsuitable foundation can all reduce a mattress’ lifespan.

The perks of healthy sleep are unmatched. The time you fall asleep, your body gets in to repair tissue damage, flush out toxins, and develop healthy brain cells. Sound sleep works towards restoration that helps your brain gather information. Along with keeping you low on energy and feeling cranky the next morning, sleep deprivation can pose several health hazards, this is why you should buy the luxury mattress online.

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