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Find the Best Online Shia Quran Tutor at Shia Quran Academy

Are you looking to learn the Holy Quran online? If so, then you are in luck! At Shia Quran Academy, we offer the best kind of learning through qualified teachers who are ready to help students in understanding the holy book at their own pace and convenience. We offer lessons in group or private sessions, whichever best fits your schedule and learning style. Our teachers also help you study key ayahs as well as improve your Arabic language skills along the way. All our classes are offered online through Skype to ensure that you can connect with our qualified tutors regardless of where you live or work.

What is Shia Quran Academy?

Shi’ism originated in 6th century A.D after Prophet Muhammad’s death, when some of his followers disagreed with other followers about who should become leader. Eventually, those that disagreed were called Shi’as and their religion became known as Shi’ism. When Muslims pray they pray in a direction that is toward Mecca, Saudi Arabia where Prophet Muhammed was born. This is due to them being Muslim as well.

Who can register with us?

Any Shi’ah can register with us whether he or she is a full-time student or working professional. We have no age or qualification restrictions for registration, but there are some formalities which we require our students to follow. We provide different classes suitable for all such learners who wish to learn from home through an online tutoring program. All you need to do is register with us, choose a class and schedule your lessons with your tutor as per your convenience. You don’t even have to leave your house if you don’t want to because all of our teachers are trained and qualified in their area of expertise (Quran Tafseer), they know how best they should teach Quran online via Skype so that it benefits both them and their students equally.

Why join us?

Here’s why you should join us: We are one of the leading Islamic centers who offer learning through qualified teachers. All classes are offered online through Skype. We are here to help you learn and recite your Holy Quran with ease. And all our services come at a really affordable cost that everyone can afford. You can rest assured that we take utmost care in maintaining your dignity, privacy, and security while delivering our services. Our tutors come from diverse professional backgrounds, but they have all been hired based on their knowledge and expertise of their subject and teaching skills.

How we teach Quranic Arabic?

A student may either attend a school or college for their Arabic course. Some students, who live in a place that does not have a good Arabic language institute, opt for distance education. Here is how we teach Quranic Arabic: We follow modern curriculum and are experts in our subject. We give importance to grammar, vocabulary and Quranic dictionaries while preparing our course.

Our teachers and their qualifications

To make sure that you have access to world class teachers only, we make sure that our teachers have no less than a Masters degree and some of them are PHD in Islamic Theology. We’ve also got a growing team of ex-teachers who do not currently work as full-time educators but are still more than capable to help you learn Quranic sciences faster and more accurately. Such retirees normally come with years of experience and having taught students from all over Western countries for decades. They can deliver what our young teachers cannot i.e., emotion, intensity, passion etc… That is why we insist on using retired or working teachers as much as possible. It’s a win-win situation for everyone!

The courses we offer

If you are looking for quality learning, then we are here to make it happen for you. Our courses are also suitable for everyone, which is why every class is offered online. We know that some of our learners may live a considerable distance from a Shia center, while others may have family commitments or they might be students in a university where they can’t take formal education but work full time. Such learners are more often than not in western countries. In such cases, it’s hard to find a good learning environment because there aren’t as many centers out there offering such courses as there should be given that people who fall into these categories number in millions worldwide. This is where we come in!

Other details about us

Our certified tutors are just a click away. They offer an innovative and easy-to-understand approach to learning. You can access these classes whenever you want and from any corner of the world where internet access is available. We have qualified teachers who are knowledgeable about their topics and teach with professionalism which make it a great learning experience for our students, regardless of their age. Our students also get to connect with teachers online anytime they want to ask questions that arise during class or even outside of class hours.