Restaurants You Should try in North London


Eating is a great way to socialize and bond by increasing serotonin levels. Who doesn’t love to dine out, be it alone after a long day or catch up with friends for lunch on a long-awaited weekend? Favouritetable has all the answers for booking the most fun, authentic and hassle-free restaurant in the UK. Book over 1000 restaurants with a phone number or online booking. Here are the best restaurants to try in North London with Favouritetable.

Mildreds – Kings Cross

Established in 1988, Mildreds operates several restaurants in London. The rotating menu features British classics and fusion dishes with sample dishes such as mushroom pie, Indian curry, lentil burger, tortilla chips and guacamole, a burger with chips, waffles and a vegan brownie with ice cream. Completely vegan, This branch has a spacious open kitchen and is located in the student area of ​​Kings Cross.

La Vita é Bella

Come and eat after seeing Islington Green. Italian cuisine led by a great chef is delicious here. Many guests point out that delicious pizzas, grilled salads and noodles can be eaten here. Most guests recommend trying a delicious crème brûlée, pudding, and tiramisu. Visitors are offered a collection of delicious house wine, white wine or amaretto. Based on guests’ opinions, the waiters offer great coffee.

 Trevi Ristorante

If you love Italian food, visit Trevi. Come to this place to try well-cooked spaghetti, schnitzel and seafood schnitzel. A good tiramisu tastes appetizing. After a long week of work, you can enjoy a delicious house wine. The whole impression will not be complete without coffee which is excellent here. The warm atmosphere of this place allows customers to relax and have a good time. The hospitable staff will meet you all year round in this restaurant.

Masala Zone

Indian and vegetarian dishes are good at this restaurant. Most reviewers noted that you could try tasty biryani, bhaji pav, and cheese naan here. It’s time to try some good brownies, parfaits and yoghurt. Visit Masala Zone for delicious marsala, lager or liqueurs. Drink the amazing masala chai, mango lassi or chocolate frappe served here. The main advantages of this place are the professional service and the accommodating staff. Several guests think the dishes are attractively priced. You will undoubtedly appreciate the cosy atmosphere and the beautiful decor.

Jamon Jamon

Spanish cuisine offers authentic meals at Jamon Jamon. Many visitors enjoy a good seafood paella, Spanish tapas and Jamon serrano. Here you will be provided delicious almonds, fruit, and chocolate cakes. The wine list is varied and can satisfy the needs of all customers. A good tea, juice or coffee are the best drinks in this place. The competent staff welcomes you all year round. This place stands out for its excellent service.

Picholine Restaurant

Mediterranean cuisine attracts guests looking for positive impressions. This restaurant can satisfy you with well-cooked fish, seafood and chicken paella. It’s always nice to try something new and enjoy the fun atmosphere.


This restaurant may be one of the best among other Italian places to eat. Several reviewers indicate that you can eat good squid, tuna and spaghetti here. Tasty doughnuts are the most delicious dishes. Start your meal with a good wine or a good beer. Based on visitors’ opinions, the waiters serve great coffee. The warm atmosphere of the Calici restaurant allows customers to relax after a hard day’s work.

Bob’s Café

British cuisine can be ordered at Bob’s Cafe Queen’s Park. Come here for well-prepared burgers, mashed avocado and salmon. You can get good pancakes, sticky caramel pudding, and brownies here. The whole impression is not complete without the wine, which is delicious here. When visiting this place, it is a must to try the excellent matcha or white coffee latte. It is easy to find this cafe due to its convenient location. Knowledgeable staff work hard, stay positive and make this place great.

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