Ramanagara Camping:


Do It Yourself Guide

Are you still able to remember the movie SHOLAY?

It was shot where?

You will now know that the Sholay movie was shot in Ramanagara’s unique location for camping mango orchards.

Ramanagara is an amazing place that people love to camp there. You can either drive your own vehicle or take the public bus.

This small town is located only a few kilometers from Bangalore. It is a popular picnic spot. You can find a lot of adventure here, including rock climbing, tracking, or other adventure sports. This place is perfect for those who love to trek and love nature.


  • Check-in at the campsite
  • Take-out lunch and enjoy games
  • Get involved in activities.
  • Enjoy dinner.
  • Enjoy night sky.
  • Check out from camp.


Before you plan your camping trip in Ramanagara, there are a few things you should remember.

  • Wear clothes that suit the weather, a waterproof bag, and hiking shoes to help you climb.
  • The spot is not technical so bring extra power and batteries.
  • You should always have your identification proof and documentation on you. Also, make sure to bring enough cash.
  • You should always have a first aid kit and any medicines that are needed in an emergency.
  • Take the food and water bottles with you.

I like light, energetic foods such as chocolates, dry fruits and energy bars.


Ramanagara is located 50km from Bangalore. It was previously called closepet and then it was renamed Ramanagara after Ramanagari Hill, which is close by the town.

Ramanagara is easy. In fact, the Ramanagara Night Journey Experience will provide you with an unforgettable experience in your life. Night journey in the Western Ghats at a moderate distance of 22 km and an elevation of 2451 feet.

The ramanagara trek covers 22km and is at 2451 feet elevation.

Play Games like jumbo cricket, pyramid building, water volleyball. You can also enjoy other thrilling activities like archery and ziplining.

You can relax and enjoy breakfast and dinner under the shade of trees.

Enjoy canoeing, kayaking, and swimming in the lake. There are many other exciting activities.

Ramanagara will allow you to enjoy the moonlight beneath the stars. It is a magical night that gives you the most wonderful experience.

After much research, I found out that winter is the best time to visit Ramanagara Base Camp. The temperature is lovely in winter at approx 17 to 30 degrees celsius. You will love it there.

Why choose to trek the ramanagara?

Ramanagara Trek is the best because it is nighttime. While there are many day treks that can be done, the experience of hiking at night is unique. The beauty of nature and beautiful sight of the stars makes it worth the effort.

There are many places you can set up your tent and have a bonfire. It is a relaxing place to make a bonfire and enjoy the sounds of crackers and movement.

Trekkers love the breathtaking views of mountains as the sun rises, and the amazing view of the stars at night.

This is why Ramanagara Trek is the best choice for camping.

Ramanagara Trek is a great place to camp with your family or friends if you are looking for something more adventurous.


The campsite is easily accessible by all means of transportation. Once you arrive at the ramanagara base, the freshness will soothe your mind (without any tension).

You can also see the many activities and adventure games that are available as you travel, which makes trekking even more enjoyable.

You will love games like water volleyball, pyramid building, and jumbo cricket.

You can also enjoy other thrilling activities like archery and ziplining.

You can relax and enjoy breakfast and dinner under the shade of trees.

Staff at the facility are so friendly that there is a secured parking area. There is no threat to anyone because everyone is under surveillance by security guards.

Enjoy a day filled with enjoyment, and enjoy a spot with lush greenery. This will increase your excitement.