Questions To Ask While Renting Space In Mobile Home Parks In Oregon

mobile home parks in Oregon

It goes beyond doubt that there is a vast range of perks to living in mobile home parks in Oregon. You need not pay any real estate tax. Plus, light upkeep is required only. You can simply find communities that share your interests. RV parks often offer pools, exercise facilities, and community activities. However, the benefits are meaningless if you discover hidden costs or other setbacks after a shifting day. Therefore, we advise you to take some time and ask the further mentioned questions to the administration. 

Q1. Is There Any Additional Fee Apart From Rent?

This is suggested that you ask the mobile home park owner if they require you to pay extra for facilities like parking, security, garbage collection, or other amenities. If you pay for all these, get a hard copy from the park owner that details these expenses. It’s important to plan ahead since the costs at each park may vary widely. 

Q2. What Types of Promotions Are Offered Here to New Residents?

Like economizing your finances? Yes, so do we! Every mobile home park has a special incentive for new residents; you simply need to know what to ask for and have it in writing. 

We’ve included the most sought-after promotions here:

  • The community covers all utility hookups, including water, sewer, and air conditioning disconnect box.
  • Sign a longer lease and pay less per month for your parking space
  • Skirts are available at no cost
  • Cost-free decks and stairways

When they don’t do it for free, inquire about who they suggest. The administration of most RV parks in Eastern Oregon has probably worked with several contractors over the years and can recommend the finest ones to ensure the satisfaction of its tenants.

Q3. What to Do When My Contract Expires?

Even if you receive a great bargain on your first year of rent, there might be a huge price hike in the second that you unwittingly consented to if you don’t read the tiny print and pay heed. Since it is expensive to relocate a house, it is expected that the residents of mobile home parks will stay there for many years. You should know what to anticipate from a contract renewal. With a longer lease, you can frequently lock in your monthly rent and save money if you expect to remain in the same neighborhood for many years.

Q4. Do RV Parks in Eastern Oregon Permit Pets?

The number and kind of pets you may bring into society are often limited. Some places only permit “service animals,” and proof of such status is often required. Not a pet owner? Inquire about the pet policy anyway. You should find out what kind of pets your neighbors are permitted to keep in case you ever change your mind about having pets yourself. The mobile home park’s “open” attitude toward pets guarantees that you will have a neighbor who believes it’s OK to let their pets wander freely around your yard even if you despise cats and dogs.

Q5. What is Your Policy Regarding the Return of Security Deposits?

There might be a refundable security deposit required by the park management. The management of the park will keep your security deposit safe until your lease is up. A portion of this money is put aside in case any damage to the property occurs during your lease term. You are entitled to a return of any unused money. Security deposits are subject to certain criteria and processes, so be sure you know what they are. Find out the refund criteria and policies of the park management.

In a Nutshell

If you know what questions to ask prior to signing the contract with mobile home parks in Oregon, you’ll have a much clearer picture of the commitment you’re making. They may also alert you to potential red flags, allowing you to avoid making a hasty, uninformed choice.