Planning To Study Abroad? What Can TOEFL Exam Offer You?


As far as the TOEFL is concerned, it is an English-language proficiency test that assesses a candidate’s ability to use English effectively in academic settings. It tests fluency, vocabulary, grammar knowledge and reading and writing skills. TOEFL test the English proficiency of students who are not native speakers of English.

The test’s purpose is to provide a score for each area to help determine a candidate’s English language proficiency level for admission into American universities. TOEFL can be a great option for students studying in high-ranked universities in the USA, UK and Australia.

TOEFL Exam and Dates

The test can be conducted either in paper-pencil format or on a computer. The first two papers (i.e. the listening and reading sections) are based on a controlled view of an examiner’s decision-making process. As for speaking and writing, the test is not competitive. However, at the end of each section, you are given a score representing your TOEFL performance.

Furthermore, every score is reported with a percentile rank and an eight-digit code indicating the country of origin where you hold education credentials or training. Students can choose any specific toefl exam dates as they please by visiting the official website of TOEFL.

Pattern of TOEFL

The test consists of four sections: Reading comprehension, speaking, listening, and writing. A number on performance in any one section does not equate to success or failure – it only provides contextual information about your strengths and weaknesses within that skill area. Your score report is based on your performance on the test overall.

If you are considering the US and Canada as your dream college, begin to plan for the test and find out the toefl exam fee.TOEFL scores must be received at your university within 4 to 6 business days after taking the test. Otherwise, you will have to take it again early next year.

How To Start Your Preparation?

TOEFL assesses skills essential to successful study in an English-speaking environment. There are many websites that offer advice on how best students can prepare for the test and get a high score. However, it’s important to note that your score on the exam is based not only on your score in that particular section but also on your total performance in all four sections.

You should practice common English grammar and sentence structure rules to prepare well. Come up with a schedule of activities you plan to use when preparing for this test and learning methods that will help you acquire needed skills. It’s important to remember, however, not every method will help you get the same results.

What is The Average Score of the TOEFL Score?

An average TOEFL score is around 90, which varies from section to section. Therefore, you should be able to determine what you need to do to achieve a specific or desired TOEFL score. Generally, scores for admission into an institute range from 85 to 90. The primary usage of TOEFL scores is for admission into American and Canadian institutions.  

Colleges and universities use the TOEFL score to determine applicants with the highest English language proficiency. The average TOEFL score required at various institutions is as follows:

  • Universities in the United States: 77-78 points
  • Universities in the United Kingdom: 72-74 points
  • Universities in Australia: 100 points

The TOEFL exam consists of four separate sections, each built on a basic foundation question about the environment you are most likely to encounter in an academic setting. For example, the listening section involves reading a passage, followed by an extended conversation about the topic. In contrast, the reading comprehension section asks you to interpret and classify information.

Opportunities After TOEFL

Passing the TOEFL exam will allow you to study at universities in most English-speaking countries, including the United States, the UK, Canada, Australia and Ireland. You can also apply for a teaching or research assistant position at international universities or to get a government scholarship. If you plan to study or work in the United States, TOEFL is one of the primary requirements for entry.

If you wish to get into a top institute or college, you should ensure that your score is higher than the average required by such colleges. Apart from assisting students and professionals in their academic goals, the TOEFL exam also benefits employers seeking employees with strong English language proficiency skills.