Monday Pricing vs Hubstaff Pricing: Which PM Should You Pick? 


There are different project management tools that you can choose from. Determining which tool will be helpful for your work can be confusing. and Hubstaff are two competitive options for users who want to simplify task management. This article will discuss the different features of and Hubstaff and share details about their demos. It will also guide you about monday pricing vs Hubstaff pricing. platform is a work operating system (Work OS) that improves a team’s capacity to manage projects and workflows. It’s a simple yet intuitive solution that allows teams to create processes and respond to changing needs. It simplifies work to enhance efficiency, and users can collaborate from anywhere. It reduces time-consuming manual activities. In a nutshell, this software centralizes all your work, procedures, tools, and data, enabling quick and assured cooperation. 

Hubstaff is a popular time-tracking solution that helps firms manage their workforce. It was founded in 2012 as its founders could not locate adequate software to assist them in managing their scattered staff. Hubstaff has developed to become a prominent productivity tool. It supports over 8,000 organizations and monitors over 650k hours monthly through the platform. Software

Key Features  

HR Management provides a recruiting pipeline board to help uncover fresh talent. It organizes the process and prospects. Other tools allow you to track jobs, gather applications, and take interview notes. You can connect with applicants via email. You can also request feedback from applicants by generating a survey and giving a link to it. When a new employee is hired, you can track onboarding procedures, including planning for their arrival. 

Sales Operations  

The operations features of allow you to gain control of complex projects and processes. It facilitates cooperation with external and internal stakeholders, vendors, and service providers. You can utilize real-time data on critical corporate processes to make educated decisions, eliminating guesswork and gray-area estimations. It also provides an upgraded and secure environment where you can check and manage users.  

Enhanced Collaboration 

You can invite team members to collaborate and communicate from your account. Sharable boards serve as a customizable bridge for any team, keeping everyone in real-time alignment and on track. You can add appropriate groups, items, and columns to plan and track the task. You can also work with visitors through a simplified experience where they only view the dashboards and boards to which they have been invited. 

Monday Pricing

Check out the complete detail about monday pricing plans. 

Individual: No cost. It supports iOS and Android and offers an endless number of boards and documents, 200+ templates, and 20+ columns. This option can support up to 5 users. 

Basic: This plan costs $8 per person each month. You can invite an infinite number of guests with this membership option. You will also receive prioritized customer support and the ability to create a dashboard using data from a single board. 

Standard: Monthly fee of $10 per user. This option includes all the features available in the Basic plan. Customer support, integrations, and automation of up to 250 processes are also available. It enables you to construct a dashboard using data from five different boards. 

Pro: Pro costs $16 per month per user. It can integrate and automate up to 25,000 processes each month. Private boards and papers, chart views, formula columns, and time tracking are also private.  

Enterprise: For a quote, please contact the sales team. This price contains all the Pro plan’s features. You have complete access to enterprise-level automation and integration, as well as security and control.  

Monday Demo 

You can schedule a live demo by contacting their support team. The demo will help you decide if is the right tool for task management.  

Monday Reviews ranks well among project management solutions. Users appreciate its detailed features and intuitive interface.  

Hubstaff Software  

Key Features  

Activity Tracking 

Based on the user’s recent behavior, the system analyses mouse and keyboard strokes over a 10-minute period to estimate how active they are. An active employee can attain a level of 75-89% active time, whereas anything less than 50% is indicated as a distracted employee.   

Client Invoicing   

Hubstaff has the option to bill clients based on time worked or completed assignments. You can assign projects to clients and invoice them as a flat fee or depending on the amount of time a team member has spent on the project. Your invoice can also include personalized remarks. You can also create client logins to grant access and allow them to track progress. 


Hubstaff’s reporting feature provides essential insights into the productivity of your team. A weekly report offers a rapid snapshot of the hours worked by each team member for the day. It also shows the amount spent and the activity level allocated. You can examine information on particular projects, tasks, or team members by selecting custom dates and criteria. 

Time Tracking 

Hubstaff provides two methods for tracking time. Users can create manual timesheets and input previous hours worked. They can use automatic time tracking provided by various native desktop programs (Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS). Automatic tracking is more accurate and includes features like screenshots and activity monitoring. The program runs in the background and can identify between projects. 

Hubstaff Pricing   

Hubstaff price depends on the products: 

Hubstaff Time: Has four payment tiers, beginning with a free plan. 

Hubstaff Desk: Provides four subscription plans. The first option is Desk Free which has minimal capabilities to assist customers in getting started. 

Hubstaff Field: Three price options are available. The Field Pro membership option is $10 per month.  

Each product also comes with a 14-day free trial. 

Hubstaff Demo  

The Hubstaff demo offers an insightful introduction to the software. You can learn about its capabilities and how you can use it to organize your work. You can also ask questions about the Hubstaff software during the live demo.  

Hubstaff Reviews 

The Hubstaff software is rated 4.6/5 on GetApp. Users appreciate it because its advanced activity tracking lets you assess production levels. You can also set staff and project rules to ensure you stay within budget. Some users think the payroll and billing functionality is rigid. 

Final Remarks 

Keeping these factors in mind, you can easily choose the right management tool for your company.