List Of Digital Marketing Topics For Dissertation


Selecting a topic prior to dissertation writing is necessary to take a head start. However, there are many things that one must keep in mind while selecting a topic that is neither too short nor too broad to be handled effectively. Furthermore, a dissertation topic must be trendy, thought-provoking, worth solving, and specifically lie under the umbrella of your specific research field is also important. Thus, this article will help you find some important digital marketing topics for your dissertation.

Digital Marketing Topics- A brief introduction

The twenty-first-century teenagers have grown up having expensive electronic gadgets on their hands. They are used to doing everything online, and in order to gain the attention of this electronic generation, it is important to reach them digitally. Thus, digital marketing has gained popularity in the era, and its popularity is supposed to be increased further in the future. By definition, digital marketing refers to any sort of advertisement that uses electronic devices and specialised marketing tools for the promotion of products and services. As stated in another way, digital marketing is a campaign to sell something that appears on laptops, mobiles, and tablets.  

List of some important digital marketing topics for masters and undergraduate dissertation writing:

  1. Engaging digital marketing strategies for the twenty-first century’s generation:
  2. An empirical study: Cost-effectiveness of digital marketing Vs. traditional marketing strategies
  3. Using the power of technology for advancement in digital marketing
  4. A comparative analysis approach:  traditional vs digital marketing to blend them effectively
  5.  Role of search engine optimisation in making effective digital marketing campaigns
  6.  Social Media is the most powerful tool for digital marketing
  7. Digital marketing without appropriate graphic designing
  8.  Content marketing: A tool that operates the digital marketing
  9. Effect of digital marketing in the per annual revenue generation of UK leading automobile manufacturers- A case study analysis
  10.  The importance of digital marketing tools in running diabetes prevention public awareness campaigns
  11.  Uses of data sciences in digital marketing by calculating performing metrics
  12.  Role of digital marketing raising the educational standards of students in Korea or Spain
  13. The adverse effect of Digital marketing on the livelihood of medium and low-income families
  14. Effect of digital marketing in giving self-awareness- Pros and cons
  15.  Sustainable policies for making digital marketing campaigns
  16.  A boost in digital marketing during the pandemic- A review of all possible consequences
  17. Role of freelancers in supporting the digital marketing industries
  18. Customer retention rate captured by digital marketing companies
  19.  Skill gaps in digital marketing in developing and developed countries: Digital Marketer Models
  20.  Future directions for B2B organisations to suggest advancement in digital marketing
  21.  Collaborative role of digital marketing and artificial intelligence in revolutionising the Online shopping trends and creating brand awareness
  22.  The impact of digital marketing on purchase decision of the customers- Ways towards the betterment
  23.  Role of digital marketing in running political campaigns
  24. Facebook or Instagram, which one can better increase business profitability through digital marketing
  25. Role of Web analytics in digital marketing

Ways to choose digital marketing topics for the dissertation:

 Digital marketing topics aim to label the Digital marketing dissertation, and labels must be attractive or eye-catching so the public can use it as a solution to their research problem. Though it is important to select a topic that matches your interest, still your interest solely cannot help you achieve the aims. However, your supervisor’s consent and the significance of your area of interest in the real world and its applications also mean a lot. Moreover, to work on all these things simultaneously to find perfect digital marketing topics for a dissertation demands an extraordinary grip on all recent research tools and databases.

In case you know all the requirements for selecting digital marketing topic and have all the necessary skills to achieve the aims, you are indeed blessed. However, for those who are still in the learning phase, dissertation help UK is a one-roof solution to share your academic burden. Academic experts are used to dealing with dissertations on daily basis, so finding the best and trendy topic for you is not at all a problem for them.

Final Thoughts:

The article has provided a brief list of twenty-five digital marketing topics for the dissertation. These topics are enlisted so you can broader your view while selecting a topic for your dissertation. However, you can modify each when and where needed. In case you are planning to use any of them as it is, you still need to conduct research.