Lifting Chain Components- What All You Need to Buy


Working at heights is a common need of many construction jobs, so if you plan on taking one on, you’ll likely need some reliable lifting gear.

It’s a good thing there are many options.

Most vehicles and cabins with lifting equipment include a platform attached to an extension arm. Materials, people, and tools can all be moved up and down with their help.

Manufacturers have developed lifting chain components that can raise its load to a height of 210 feet, thanks to increased ingenuity.

Consider the equipment’s durability, attachments, and usefulness before making your selection. There is a wide variety available; nevertheless, the most common kinds may be found on most modern building sites, so let’s go through them.

Lifts for Buildings

On the working site, construction hoists are used often. Hoists are machines that raise objects vertically and consist of a cabin and a tower. When objects need to be raised to a certain level, they are often employed. Though they are capable of horizontal movement, this isn’t often how they get about.

Although hoists have several advantages due to their simplicity, safety, and dependability, many contractors choose to use cranes instead.

Chain Reaction

Heavyweights, items, and machinery may be raised and lowered with the help of this mechanical gadget. The chain block, also known as the chain hoist, is a device used to lift and transport heavy objects by use of a components of a chain. Industries as diverse as production, agriculture, manufacturing, mining, construction, electricity generation, etc. all make extensive use of it.


Cranes are necessary for any form of heavy lifting, including construction operations. A crane’s lifting and lowering capabilities much exceed those of human construction workers.

A crane is a significant piece of equipment used in construction for transferring weight along a horizontal plane. The hoist rope, wire ropes, and sheaves allow it to be utilized to lift and move big objects.


Although forklifts are most often seen in warehouses, they may also be beneficial on building sites.

Forklifts are mostly used to transport goods. Increasing productivity on construction sites is as easy as putting materials onto forklifts.

Forklifts are easily obtainable and helpful for transporting materials; nevertheless, they are only suitable for use on ground-level buildings. You can get this chain components for sale at stores like WHS lifting. 


One kind of construction hoist, telehandlers find widespread use in a wide range of building sites. The use of telehandlers is helpful for transporting things to higher levels. As an added bonus, telehandlers may be used as a platform for supervisors and employees alike. A telehandler is effective for lifting loads that are too heavy for a standard construction hoist.

Lifting Platforms, or Scissors

Construction workers may access multiple levels of a building using scissor lifts, which are similar to lifting tables but more manoeuvrable.

First of all, however, why are they called scissor lifts?

Scissor lifting chains for sale are easily recognizable by their ‘X’-shaped folding lifting mechanism. To raise the platform, push down on the outside edge of the lowest supports, and the crisscrossing parts will lengthen.

Exceptional examples may grow to a height of sixty feet or more.

The work platforms are essentially static in that they can only be raised and lowered, although they do include wheels for portability.

Despite its limited use, scissor lifts may be used in both indoor and outdoor settings.