Job-oriented courses to pursue after 12th

hospitality course

Bachelor of Hotel management:

The Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) is a 3 years undergraduate degree that provides access to several employment specializations in the hotel industry. Expansion of the tourist sector is a sector that is constantly expanding in India. There are many specializations from which to pick. Either pursue a career in the hospitality and tourism sector or in the culinary arts to become a chef, restaurateur, or provider of catering services. Here are all the additional pertinent details.

Eligibility criterion:

A 10+12 or equivalent qualification is a must from any stream from a recognized board of education.

Some job opportunities in this field:

  • Hotel/Restaurant Manager
  • Head chef   
  • Event coordinator
  • Food and beverage director   
  • Cruise hotel management   

Bachelor of technology:

In terms of the employment chances they offer, the B.Tech. and BE degrees are among the most well-known undergraduate degrees in India. This field has a wide range of specializations, therefore there is a lot of room for growth. Admission requirements for the B.Tech. or BE program vary amongst universities. Some universities have their selection exams, while others take the results of the Joint Entrance Examination, a national-level test, into consideration (JEE). Here are all the additional pertinent details.

Eligibility criterion:

Students must have Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics (PCM) as their core subjects in class 12 to be admitted to B.Tech and BE programs. Students must take Computer Science as a fundamental subject in class 12 in addition to PCM to pursue several specific specializations like Software engineering, Aerospace engineering, and Marine Engineering.

Some jobs in this field:

  • Chemical engineer
  • Mechanical engineer
  • Metallurgical engineer
  • Software engineer
  • Aerospace engineer

Medicine Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS):

MBBS is a 5-year degree program that introduces students to a range of medical specialties to prepare them to gain a thorough understanding of a given subject. To get admitted to the MBBS program in India, applicants must pass the National Eligibility and Common Entrance Test (NEET). But different universities or institutions may have distinct selection processes. Here are all the additional pertinent details.

Eligibility criterion:

Physics, Chemistry, and Biology must have been your three main courses in class 12 to be admitted to the MBBS program. Some colleges base their admission decisions for MBBS students on their 10+2 marks. You must, however, take the NEET exam to apply to the majority of universities. The NEET cutoffs for various colleges varied, and they change every year depending on things like the number of applications and the number of seats available. Additionally, the candidate’s age must fall between 17 and 25.

Some jobs in this field:

  • Medical surgeon
  • General Physician
  • Dietician
  • Psychiatrist
  • Gynecologist 

Bachelor of commerce:

One of the most popular courses for Indian students studying commerce is Depending on your choices and requirements, you can opt to enroll in either a B.Com or B.Com Honours program. The majority of colleges base their admission decisions on the student’s 10+2 grade point average. However, certain universities may use a different selection process, such as an admission exam. Here are all the additional pertinent details.

In India, a large number of renowned universities currently provide online B Com courses. The validity of an online degree is equivalent to that of an offline degree. The only distinction is that you have the right to study at the convenience of your home. You do not need to attend college to earn an online B.Com degree; instead, you will receive study materials, online classrooms, lectures on video, and in-person interactions with classmates and professors. Exams may also be taken online under certain circumstances.

Eligibility criterion:

You must have completed your 12th-grade coursework in the Commerce stream to be eligible for admission to B.Com or B.Com Honours. Varying universities have different requirements for qualifying grades in the 12th grade.

Some jobs in this field:

  • Business analyst
  • Accountant
  • Financial analyst 

Bachelor of fashion design:

A bachelor’s degree in fashion design takes three to four years to complete and prepares you to work as a fashion designer. This course is for you if you enjoy making imaginative designs or designing clothing and accessories. Depending on the college, admittance to this program is either merit- or entrance-based. All other information about this course is provided in the section below.

Eligibility criterion:

You must have earned a 10+2 certification or an equivalent degree from a recognized educational board in any stream.

Some jobs in this field:

  • Fashion designer
  • Costume designer
  • Fashion stylist
  • Personal Stylist


Above were some of the job-oriented courses that you can pursue after completing your 12th. These courses are highly successful ones and provide a great opportunity for everyone who works towards achieving their goal.