Is social media killing creativity?

social media
social media

Social media was invested to connect people and make them come closer, but the trend has been changing, and people are becoming addicted to social media, which is killing their creativity. In this article, we will describe how social media killing creativity.

Out of the total world population of 7 billion, almost 50-60% of people have access to the internet and smartphones and they use social media. This trend of social media users is rising at a fast pace.

Well, it is not a problem to use social media but the problem arises when people spend huge time on social media and dawdle. Many people start using Instagram and they end up spending 4-5 hours just scrolling Instagram, or watching Instagram reels.

Social media is making us dull and we sit for hours just doing nothing, so this is killing our creativity. Earlier when people had time they used to spend it on research work and inventing something, and people used to think about the solutions to current problems.

How social media actually kills creativity?

Media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, etc were invented to inspire and motivate people, but people are making the best use of them. We have become addicted to social platforms and it has started taking a toll on our lives.

Using  media for longer hours, we tend to waste our time and start following others or the trending things, we lose our own personal side and just start following others.

We see people just scrolling their social feeds, and smiling by staring at the screen of their mobile phones regardless of the place and circumstances.

They use their smartphones everywhere, may it be while hanging out with friends, colleagues, or family members. So this makes us dull and kills our creativity, if we had not used the phones while being with others, we might have been doing some other creative work.

The art of creativity has died due to social because of less face-to-face interaction between people. The more time people spend on social the more they lose their creative time.

Stay Productive While using Social Media:

That is why most creative people keep a track of their social and also keep their eye on their social usage. They usually block unwanted popups and notifications to keep themselves undistracted by social glamour.

People experience stress in their life because they are not able to focus on their important activities and the reason behind that is the unrestricted use of social.

So when our important activities keep piling up and make us stressed about not completing them on time.

Everything in this world comes with both advantages and disadvantages, but we must only focus on the advantages, and leave behind the disadvantages.

The invention of social platforms has made us connect with people across the globe without any limitation of external boundaries. We can connect with our friends and family anytime & anywhere.

Not only youngsters and teenagers, but kids are also attracted to social platforms and they make excessive use of them.

This trend is not good for the future of our kids as it is limiting their creativity and making them dull and unproductive.

How to be Productive while using social media?

There are people who are highly productive and focused, they also make use of social platforms, but the difference is that they keep it in a very disciplined order.

They make use of reminders and alarms to keep themselves focused and not distracted by the social charm. Such people use social platforms to keep themselves updated with trends and new things that are going on around their atmosphere.

So placing a gatekeeper between you and your desires is a must if really want to achieve big things in your life and make your life a success for yourself and for others.

Live a life that can bring impact in your life and in others’ lives as well. There is no point in living a life that does not include creativity and productivity.


we have talked about the disadvantages of social, now let us turn the table and only focus on the advantages of social. There are numerous advantages of social media and one of them is making professional connections and building a better future for yourself and future generations. Hope in this article we have described the issue of how social media is killing creativity.

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