Is human resource management in demand in Canada?

Is human resource management in demand in Canada

Human resource is a sought-after career path in Canada. The National Occupational Classification (NOC) 2022 list indicates that human resource professionals (1121) are in high demand in Canada. The NOC is the national system for describing occupations in Canada. Professionals with skills and experience in human resources have a good chance of landing a lucrative job in Canada. Candidates who want to launch a career in human resources can pursue a human resources management course to develop skills and knowledge to join the Canadian workforce.

This article will explore why Canada is the perfect destination to study human resource management abroad.

Why choose human resource management in Canada?

Canada has witnessed a sharp rise in demand for human resource professionals during and after the coronavirus pandemic. The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic forced human resource professionals to adopt new workplace practices, owing to pandemic safety concerns. In fact, human resource professionals are required in all sectors in Canada. So, let’s discuss why Canada is ideal for studying human resources management.

1. Human resource salary in Canada

Canadian employers are highly regarded for offering one of the best salaries to human resource professionals in the world. Career paths after completing human resource management in Canada are well-paying among all other industries. According to payscale, a human resource manager makes CAD 74,327 yearly in Canada. At the same time, experienced human resource managers earn a highly competitive salary in Canada. A human resource professional with skills and experience in the area makes over CAD 140,000 annually.

2. High demand for human resource professionals

Human resource professionals source and recruit the best talent in the market. They assist employees, build a great culture for them, and make a positive difference in the lives of employees. From onboarding new employees to maintaining payroll, human resource professionals manage everything related to employees so that they can work in line with the organization’s visions. They are also responsible for developing workplace policies and employee conduct.

3. Improve career trajectory

Earning a human resource management degree enables graduates to attract lucrative job opportunities across industries. Every Canadian requires skilled and talented human resources professionals. A human resource management graduate enjoys the flexibility to work in different sectors. Human resources management graduates can work in various industries based on their choices, such as IT, insurance, government services, media, banking, and consultancy.

Wrapping Up

The need for human resource professionals due to rising labor shortages is inevitable in Canada. The nation requires HR professionals to hire and retain top talent. They must develop innovative recruitment practices to thrive in their work.

Candidates interested in learning skills needed to succeed in human resources can opt for a human resource management course. The course prepares you for the real world by equipping you with management knowledge and skills.

Interested students can consider Canada’s Toronto to develop skills and knowledge in human resources. Management schools in Toronto are well-known for providing high-quality education at affordable costs. So, sign up for the program to obtain the latest industry-relevant acumen.