The land of various cultures, languages, races, religions and lots of diversity is also quite popular for its rich and exotic blend of traditional herbs and spices. This perfect blend of rich spices makes Indian food delicious and nutritious in every way. Indian food is considered to be quite spicy when compared to other cuisines but it is relished by people all around the globe.

Indian food is full of a wide variety including food from every state of the country starting from the Keesar Kheer of Jammu and Kashmir to the Coconut Rice of Kanyakumari. Apart from variety based on states, there are a few dishes from around the world that are made with a blend of Indian touch and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

Indian cuisine includes all, whether it is paneer tikkas, mushroom tikkas, paneer pakoras, or samosas from veg snacks for party to phirni, kheer, moong dal halwa, or gulab jamun in desserts. The dishes are prepared from scratch with lots of patience and love. Each step requires time to release the sweet flavors and release the mouth-watering aroma, it can be cooked using various methods, most of which preserve the nutrients contained in the fresh vegetables used. Yogurt, which is fermented milk, helps preserve healthy bacteria and has been an essential ingredient in Indian Cuisine. 

Various dishes play an essential part in Indian cuisine and some of them are as follows: –

Chilly Manchurian – although Manchurian is considered to be a part of Chinese cuisine, it becomes one of the most relished dishes of Indian cuisine when made with cauliflower, carrot, and cabbage along with beans and potato. The raw vegetables are deep-fried in the form of balls and added to the gravy made with traditional onions, and capsicum, along with herbs and Indian Spices. The blend of traditional gud (jaggery) along with Chinese sauces enhances the sweet and spicy taste.

Paneer Pakora

is one of the best veg starters, made with layers of mint and coriander chutneys with a tint of green chilies between the paneer cubes wrapped in the thick batter of water and gram flour. They are then deep-fried and served with Imlie (tamarind) chutney. They are easy to prepare with manageable ingredients with the least harmful effects on health.

Vegetable Mix Pakoras

popularly known as fritters are one of the easiest ones to prepare and present. Vegetables like onions, potatoes, spinach, small Brinjals (Aubergine), cauliflower, green chilies, and ash gourd are cut into small and fine pieces and wrapped in the thick batter of water and gram flour after adding various spices. The wrapped vegetables are deep-fried and placed along with mint coriander, Imlie (tamarind) chutney, or ketchup.

Chilly Mushroom

A wide variety of Mushrooms can be found in India. Mushrooms do not have any taste of their own so whatever is added, gets blended easily. The finely chopped mushrooms are coated with a thin layer of batter of water and white flour and deep-fried. The fried pieces are tossed with sauces, onions, and capsicums along with spices and herbs. Sprinkled with sesame seeds and presented with chili sauces makes it mouth-watering.


Indian cuisine does have unique dishes but any dish from any part of the world whether it is hot and sour veg soup or Chinese noodles or Mexican pasta, if made using authentic Indian spices and herbs enhances the taste and the nutritive value of the food. Thus, making food not only tastes good but is also quite healthy.