Impounded vehicle insurance quotes- Release my vehicle

Impounded vehicle insurance

Whilst your vehicle can be impounded by the police for a number of reasons and getting it released will be your main goal, you will be happy to learn that we can take care of your impounded vehicle insurance easily and immediately.

Whether your vehicle was impounded because it was driven without insurance, parking violations, or a large range of other penalties, we can help.

Releasing your vehicle and making sure it is not disposed of or auctioned by the police generally after 14 days will be your primary goal. Therefore, Release my vehicle are on hand to provide peace of mind in arranging your insurance with the expertise we have been delivering for years.

Why do you need impounded vehicle insurance?

Before you can retrieve an impounded vehicle, you have to prove that it has a valid insurance policy.

Impounded vehicles are seen as high risk by insurance providers as they might have been involved in an accident. Finding an insurer that will provide cover for an impounded car can be tough and costly. But impounded vehicle insurance provides the short-term cover that will be required to release an impounded vehicle.

If your vehicle already has an existing policy, contact your insurance provider if they cover claiming impounded vehicles.

Why Select Release my vehicle for your impounded vehicle?

As one of the UK’s leading car insurance brokers, we have got access to some great deals from a large panel of specialist insurance providers. Just call one of our members and we will talk through your conditions, and circumstances, and carefully customize an insurance quote to suit your individual requirements.

Best features of our impounded vehicle insurance

  • You will receive the best deal from our specialist insurers
  • Cover arranged over a call
  • Documents mailed to you quickly to present to the pound
  • Short-term policy to help you

Why standard insurance will not be enough?

A standard car insurance policy will not provide cover for impounded vehicles and you will necessarily be required to buy a short-term insurance policy to release the vehicle and back on the road. If your vehicle has been impounded, you will almost certainly not be able to release and drive until your proof of insurance coverage has been arranged.

Searching for a short-term insurance policy whilst potentially having pending convictions is often a tough and exhausting task with mainstream insurance providers. Unfortunately, this can often prove to be very costly if not impossible.

What documents do you need to reclaim an impounded vehicle?

The first thing you will need is an impound notice issued at the roadside. You will also need:

  • A photo ID
  • Proof of address
  • A valid driving license
  • Proof of ownership
  • A valid MOT certificate
  • Proof of insurance

If your vehicle does not have a valid MOT, it will be recovered on a trailer or taken directly to a pre-hired test appointment. The cost of the release of the vehicle depends on the weight and condition of the vehicle and the charges for these are set by the government, not the police.