How to Setup Your Commercial Kitchen Effectively?

Commercial Kitchen
African American woman bakers looking at camera..Chef baker in a chef dress and hat, cooking together in kitchen.She takes fresh baked cookies out of modern electric oven in kitchen.

Starting a hotel or a restaurant can be overwhelming. You want to make your customers comfortable and provide them with a good ambiance and food. While decorating your interior can create an aesthetically appealing space for dining, you need to work very hard to bring good food to the table. Otherwise, you won’t be able to hold your customers for long. 

Providing quality food demands a functional commercial kitchen run by experts to make your restaurant a hit. In this blog, we’ll discuss a few smart tips that will help you set up your commercial kitchen effectively. 

1. Hire Credible Staff

To set up a commercial kitchen you need to hire experienced and trained staff. Running a commercial kitchen is way different than a residential kitchen. You need to be an expert to know the ratio and right magical ingredients to come up with the best dish. 

Hiring credible chefs and staff will not only increase productivity across your kitchen but also make the preparation time less. Do not rush the process, take time out to interview your chef and staff yourself. See if they’re passionate about working for your restaurant and have the potential to grow. Hiring a good chef can help you find valuable staff members that can make your work easy. 

2. Get Your hands on the right Equipment

Running a commercial kitchen successfully demands the use of the right equipment. The commercial kitchen is a lot different than a residential kitchen. For instance, exhaust hoods and commercial refrigeration installation are some of the essential equipment you can’t compromise on. Exhaust hoods prevent the sticking of oil and spice to walls and furniture. 

In addition, commercial refrigerators are necessary to stock up on frozen items on a commercial scale so you don’t run out of stock immediately and provide your best to your customers. 

3. Maintain Proper Inventory 

Running a commercial kitchen means you should have a properly maintained inventory to avoid any embarrassing situation. You need large stock-ups so you don’t run out in the middle of the day. However, you can get fresh fruits and vegetables on a daily basis for meal preparations. 

In addition, be mindful while stocking up items as you don’t want to use expired items later and affect the food quality of your restaurant. Stock items by seeing their expiry date to make them go longer without affecting their quality. 

4. Pay attention to the Menu

The menu of your restaurant should be created keeping in mind the customer’s needs and the expertise of your chefs. Do not put something on the menu which you can’t provide. Decide the menu with great care to avoid any embarrassing situation later. 

In addition, choose the dishes for your menu that streamline with your budget and chefs’ expertise. Moreover, pay attention to the food representation also, as it makes the first impression on your clients. 

Final Words

Hence, you can make your commercial kitchen functional successfully by choosing the right staff for your restaurant and investing in the right equipment to make your commercial kitchen more functional.