How to See Spotify Plays?

How to See Spotify Plays?

Whether you are an audience or an artist, you must check on a song’s total stream or play count on Spotify. I have shaped up the best ways to keep a check on this and wrote about it here.

To count Spotify streams, visit the artist’s Spotify profile, and watch the songs listed under the “Popular” column. If you are not an artist, you can only watch the total play counts or total streams of songs listed in the “Popular” column. Entire play counts can’t be found anywhere until and unless you are an artist and could have access to the artists on the Spotify dashboard.

How To Watch Play Counts On Spotify?

There are two main processes to see play counts on Spotify, depending on whether you have a listener or an artist profile.

  •  Profile of listeners is of the two: free or paid versions of Spotify. 
  •  An artist’s profile is the profile you could use to manage your songs and watch your stats when your music is released and distributed on Spotify.

To watch a playlist for songs on Spotify, one can merely follow these pace:

1. Open the Spotify app

2. Find the artist you are looking for in the search engine.

3. Click on the profile of the artist

4. Under the “Popular” column, you will watch play counts to the right side of each song.

 It is possible only to see the play counts of songs in the “Popular” column of an artist’s profile. You cannot see the play counts for a piece not listed in the “Popular” column. Also, if any songs have less than 1,000 total play counts, it will show up as “>1000”, even if they are recorded in the “Popular” column. However, if you are an artist and want to see the play counts of your songs, there is a way.

 Watch play counts as an artist.

Artists could see play counts and stream counts of their songs by getting into the dashboard for Artists at Spotify. There are a lot of great intuitions and data that can be located in the Spotify For Artists dashboard.

Adding more to this, one can watch a stream and play counts; in an interview, Emily White, the Artists Product Manager at Spotify, states that:

“The most significant thing in Spotify for Artists is to get access to data that assists you to gain an understanding of who and where your audience is and what songs are linked with listeners the most.”

To get your music on Spotify, you need to buy 1 million Spotify plays and work with a distributor or a record label that already has a distributor.

Once you’ve got your music on Spotify, you’ll be able to merely claim your creator profile by visiting this page. However, some distributors claim your creator profile mechanically after distributing music through them. On high of this, it’s terribly straightforward and amazingly low-cost to try and do this. However, for the most effective and most straightforward way to urge your music on Spotify properly, take a better check out and my extensive review to find out everything concerning them. With that same, it’s a decent plan to try and do a number of your analysis and see what different distributors’ area units are on the market. However, if you’d prefer to get your music on Spotify without charge, there are some catches, but it’s utterly doable.

How To Get a lot of Spotify Streams?

Therefore, what makes Spotify unique is that they need to design a whole bunch of how artists can naturally grow their streams (and revenue) right at intervals.

They have done this by making a pair of forms of playlist:

  • Spotify rule playlists
  • Spotify editorial playlists

Getting on any of those can considerably increase the number of streams your music gets, and the real secret is release music typically.

Spotify Stream Tracker: the most straightforward thanks to Grow Your Spotify Streams

In writing that I antecedently wrote regarding what to try and do and your Spotify stream count doesn’t change, I discovered the most straightforward thanks to your Spotify streams’ tracking (and growing).

Build your custom Spotify stream hunter exploitation spreadsheets by exploiting program software packages like Google Sheets or Microsoft stand out. We will be able to essentially build a straightforward app that you can use to trace your growth and key Spotify metrics. In addition to pursuing your Spotify streams, a hunter like this is often conjointly a good thanks to calculating your listeners, save rate, and listen to rate (all of that assist you within the Spotify algorithm).

Ensure you recognize the distinction between streams and listeners on Spotify is 1st. You have your music au courant Spotify and access the Spotify For Artists dashboard.

 How can I see how many times I have competed for a song on Spotify?

 Spotify doesn’t show you ways over and over. You have got to compete for a song on Spotify. However, if a piece shows up in your “On Repeat” playlist, that’s a decent signal that you’ve listened to a song quite a few times. 

How can I see what proportion of time I have listened to music on Spotify?

 Spotify doesn’t show you ways a lot of time; you have listened to music on Spotify. However, you’ll connect your Spotify account to a service like FM to urge this information. 

(starting from when you click the service).