How to Renovate Bathroom with Modern Accessories


As you begin a bathroom renovation, it can be overwhelming to decide what fittings and accessories are necessary. To help you narrow down your choices, we’ve put together this helpful buying guide.

Fixtures, on the other hand, are considered permanent and cannot be removed without extensive renovation work. Fittings on the other hand are more movable and can be adjusted or replaced according to your preferences.

Toilet paper holder

Universal agency erode bathroom fittings provides the best Toilet paper holders are essential bathroom fittings, offering convenient storage for extra rolls. Not only does it add aesthetic value to your bathroom, but it also helps keep everything tidy and orderly.

Toilet paper holders come in a range of materials and finishes. Some are made from plastic, while others from wood or ceramic. You can choose whether the holder is wall-mounted, tank-mounted or freestanding.

One of the most popular types of toilet paper holders is a wall-mounted model that attaches to walls, vanities or cabinets. These require minimal assembly and can be an ideal choice for tight spaces due to their ease of installation and often no assembly needed.

Another alternative is a recessed toilet paper holder in the shape of a bowl, which works great in small bathrooms as it takes up less room than traditional wall-mounted models and takes up less room overall.

Recessed designs are ideal for those with limited wall space or those seeking a sleek and simple aesthetic. Some recessed models even come equipped with storage shelves so you can store extra rolls of toilet paper or other bathroom essentials conveniently.

Some toilet paper holders are designed to store multiple rolls, which can be especially handy for larger families with more people using the bathroom. On the other hand, if your bathroom is small, having so many rolls hanging from your dispenser might feel overwhelming.

For optimal performance, opt for a holder that has a weighted base. This will prevent it from tipping over if you tug too hard and should be sturdy enough to withstand frequent usage.

For larger families or if you simply prefer a more open feel in your bathroom, try investing in a taller holder. Not only is it more comfortable for your arms, but it adds an attractive aesthetic touch as well.

For a modern aesthetic, opt for a holder made of metal and wood. It can easily blend in with other bathroom fixtures and decor, making it the ideal choice for busy homes or households with plenty of children.

Grab rails

Grab rails are an invaluable addition to bathrooms, providing support when standing or sitting down and making it simpler to enter and exit showers and bathtubs. Available in various sizes, colours, finishes and textures, grab rails can add a personal touch to any bathroom setting.

They can be mounted to either the back wall or plumbing system wall of a bathroom, depending on where you find most convenient. When positioning these bars, make sure they are at least several inches above finished floor level in shower or bath so users have easy access.

When selecting a bathroom bar, the length should also be taken into account. Bars come in both short and long varieties; so, determine how you plan to use it and then pick an option that will fit within the available space.

Installing a bathroom grab bar near the toilet area is recommended. These bars can be especially beneficial to those who have difficulty transferring from toilet to sink and back again, or who have limited mobility. Furthermore, these bars may come in handy for those who struggle climbing stairs or have arthritis.

They’re often found in public toilets as well as private homes, where they can be utilized by a range of individuals who find them essential. Furthermore, many hospitals and other places where patients require assistance also rely on these sanitary fixtures.

When installing grab bars, it’s essential that they are securely fastened to the wall. You can do this by screwing directly into studs or using hollow wall anchors.

To guarantee your bars are securely installed, use an inexpensive stud detector to locate the studs in the wall where you intend to install them. Afterward, lightly mark where these studs are with a pencil.

Stainless steel makes an excellent grab bar material due to its invisible shield that prevents corrosion, scratches and stains. Not only that, but stainless steel is highly durable and easy to maintain.

Toilet seats

Toilet seats are an integral component of any bathroom and come in various styles, designs and materials. Not only that, but toilet seats also add a touch of class and elegance to the design scheme of any bathroom.

When shopping for a toilet seat, the first step is determining which one fits perfectly into your toilet bowl and the rest of the room. To do this, measure from between the seat bolts to the outer front edge of the bowl.

Next, determine the shape of your toilet and whether or not you require a round or elongated seat. These dimensions are essential as they determine the overall size and design of your new toilet seat.

Toilet seats are typically constructed from either plastic or wood, both materials being durable and versatile. While both materials offer great durability and versatility, plastic is typically the more cost-effective choice for many homeowners due to its lower likelihood of breaking than wooden seats and easier cleaning.

Toilet seats come in a range of colors, from bright hues that add flair to your bathroom to subtle hues for added safety. Some seats even feature lighting so it’s easier to see where you are standing even in low light conditions.

Another crucial consideration is the material of your toilet seat. While plastic is the most common choice, some seats are crafted out of porcelain or other materials.

These seats offer more durability and strength than other options, though they may be more costly and harder to clean than plastic or wood seats. Furthermore, some seats may be very heavy, making them difficult to move around the home.

If you need something easy to clean and won’t strain your hands, plastic toilet seats are the ideal option. They’re less likely to crack or break than wooden seats which may require more effort when cleaning.

If you’re in search of something more traditional or rustic, wood seats may be your answer. These typically made of molded or solid wood can be stained to match any decor. However, be aware that they tend to warp in damp conditions and may not look as appealing overall.


Mirrors are an integral component of bathroom decor. Not only do they provide useful light, but they also help to accentuate the space and create symmetry by creating symmetry. Furthermore, mirrors can serve as artwork by adding an unique style to a space.

When selecting a bathroom mirror, it is essential to consider how you will use the space and which design scheme best fits it. A frameless option can offer an ultra-modern aesthetic while adding detail to a traditional bathroom.

When selecting a bathroom mirror, one of your primary considerations should be the material. Wood, plastic or metal can all be chosen to suit various styles and color schemes; however, keep in mind that wood-framed options may not be able to withstand moisture in a bathroom environment.

Glass is a popular option for bathroom mirror frames due to its light weight, ease of care, and durability. A sandblasted or colored glass frame can add visual interest and personality to modern or contemporary designs, adding the finishing touch.

Tempered glass bathroom mirrors are essential for safety, as they won’t shatter into a thousand pieces when broken. This guarantees people don’t hurt themselves or others while peering into the mirror.

Decorative mirrors are the ideal way to give your bathroom a unique aesthetic. They come in an array of shapes and sizes, from square and rectangular to asymmetrical or triangular shapes – making them the ideal complement to intricate ornate decor.

Additionally, tiles or stone are usually more affordable than their stone counterparts. This can help offset the expense of a renovation project and may be an advantageous investment if you want to create an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere.

Before selecting your bathroom accessories in erode, it is essential to assess your budget. Most mirror costs will include shipping and installation materials; therefore, include these costs into your overall design budget.