How to Play Qourdle


Qourdle is an interactive word search game with increasing popularity, featuring daily puzzles with colored dot hints to assist with guessing some words while other puzzles may prove challenging to solve.

As with Wordle, Word Search gives you nine chances to discover four words consecutively. Each letter’s color-coding indicates where its place should be: green means it belongs in its rightful location while yellow and gray indicate whether or not its place belongs within a word altogether.

It’s a simple game

Qourdle may look complicated, but anyone can play. Similar to Wordle, but with each guess applying letters to four words instead of just one at once. Players also receive nine guesses rather than six for accurately guessing all four words. To increase your odds of success and shorten gameplay time faster, choose words which begin with various letters as this will increase early coverage and allow easier narrowing down of other possibilities. Also choose words containing multiple vowels such as stern or audio for faster puzzle solving!

Word game Alternatives

Word Game Alternatives

Word game alternatives take the popular Wordle concept and add their own spin, such as Lewdle which focuses on offensive or sexually suggestive words and WordGuessr which allows players to guess words up to 11 letters long.

Crosswordle or Dordle offers even greater challenge by showing two side-by-side words with green, yellow and gray letter blocks stacked alongside each other.


Viral word game Wordle now has a brand-new and distinctive spinoff called Lewdle. Like Wordle, players get six attempts each day to guess five-letter words using only non-offensive ones; but Lewdle uses only offensive ones!

Rule are straightforward: players have six attempts at guessing the secret word, and whenever any letter is used it changes colors depending on its placement in the word – green indicates if it fits perfectly within its place in the word while yellow suggests close proximity whereas gray denotes that letter doesn’t belong anywhere within it.

Gary Whitta, known for his work on movies like Rogue One and Walking Dead games, developed Wordle. While some might take offense at its imitation, he says he’s actually glad it has become so popular – including including an annotation in shareable results that directs users back to its source material.


WordGuessr offers the same five-letter guessing challenge of Wordle, but with an ever-growing word list and sharing options – players can play words three to seven letters long and share results by pasting links to their results.

NYT Wordle is another popular option, featuring a five-letter word you have six guesses to figure out. As you progress through, green squares indicate correct letters while yellow ones show those that were close, yet not part of a word. Furthermore, this game provides a graphical representation of your guesses that may help improve performance.

Sweardle provides a more adult take on word guessing with four-letter profanity words you must deduce within four guesses. While it comes with a content warning and requires a PG-13 rating rating, playing it surprisingly enjoyable!


Bananagrams is an addictive word game in which players compete to build crossword grids using all of their letter tiles as quickly as possible. No pencil, paper, or board are needed; players simply start out with their initial starting tiles before creating an intersecting word grid using them all; the first player who utilizes all their tiles wins that round!

Bananagrams works well when played as part of a group game, but can be more challenging when played solo. There are some things you can do to maximize the experience when you go it alone: remembering you can repeat valid words as long as they remain valid; calling out “Rotten Bananas” when an unacceptable word occurs and returning its tile back into the bunch pile;

Another option would be to incorporate different scoring systems, which may prove beneficial when playing for educational purposes and wish to emphasize spelling and vocabulary development.


Sweardle is an NSFW Wordle-esque game where players attempt to guess four-letter swear words. A daily puzzle appears, providing color-coded feedback: green bricks indicate when your guess was in its correct location; yellow ones mean it was close but not at your position; while grey ones indicate it wasn’t present at all.

Each player receives six chances each day to guess the Wordle of the day, each letter they type being highlighted by one of the colors above; green indicates when a letter is in its proper location while yellow and grey denote that they don’t exist at all.

This game was initially created as a joke parody of Wordle using only four-letter swear words. There are approximately 50 in total in this version and they have all been carefully chosen so as to not contain overtly racist, homophobic or misogynistic language.