How To Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts

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Thousands of accounts are blocked every year on social media sites, and changing your IP address is no longer sufficient to regain access as it formerly did. Yes, you can manage many platforms at once with various social media management software choices, includingcheap private proxies.

Consolidating your social media proxy management is beneficial, but what about managing numerous accounts on a single social media platform?

Having more social media accounts than what is allowed can make it difficult to avoid being banned and losing your possessions. We’ll show you how to safely use a cheap private proxy to handle numerous social media accounts.

Examine Your Online Recognition Potential.

On social media, every brand creates a profile of your behavior it contains some special identifiers. These are known as “fingerprints” in our sector since they identify you based on some aspects you use to access a website or use an app.

Using proxies on social media

Social media networks analyze the technical requirements of your device, cookies, and IP address to determine whether your account is linked to any other account. Modern platforms like Amazon will use the image metadata to determine if you are connected to any other account.

Anti-detection browsers for managing social media

Anti-detect browsers are void of headers that could create data based on profiles you create in the program. The majorities of them include settings to “noise up” essential system information, like screen resolution, GPU data, and the user agents you are currently using.

Just because you can easily hide behind a number of identifying signals doesn’t mean your cover will look authentic. If platforms notice that you are trying to hide your real identity, they may view your connection to their website as potentially harmful.

Why Do You Need Private and Mobile Proxies?

For each profile you make for a specific social media account, you must use a clean IP address to avoid account linkages. You need a clean IP address to avoid a red flag being raised and the account getting banned.

Datacenter proxies used to work, but as online platforms became more intelligent, they started & to check to see if an IP address was coming from an ISP.

Private proxiesare the key to handling accounts and browsing secretly. If your private proxy is of poor quality, using pricey solutions to manage your accounts won’t help.

Make sure your best private proxy service provider, such as Proxiesforrent, has a large private proxy pool. So that the possibility of a single shared proxy  being connected to several accounts is low or falls within the restriction established by companies like Instagram, which is often five accounts or less.


Last but not least, make sure that while using private proxies, the load balancing server within the same GEO-specific region protects your accounts from being reported for suspicious activity by often changing geolocations. It is now very easy to manage several accounts on a platform.

Using private datacenter proxies & browser technologies, your account can be quickly set up without facing the risk of being banned. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask the Proxiesforrent experts via the chat window in the lower right corner of your screen.